My Finance

I was looking back at my recent posts, and I noticed that I referred to Jason as my “finance.” We (especially I) had a good laugh over this. We jokingly refer to each other as “my FEE-aahns” anyway, so the fact that I muddled it up even more, well, it was funny to us. I thought when I first typed it that it didn’t look right, but I was more focused on the French masculine vs. feminine thing and wondering if I had the right amount of e’s. The bottom line is that, though he takes very good care of me, he is not my finance. Am I going to go back and change it? No. If someone wants to think he is my “finance,” let him.

What a day today has been! Strangeness in the air. Ever have days like that? I don’t think I have ever handled as many pieces of paper in my life!! I know I haven’t. I processed pounds and pounds of paper today! Ohhhhhh, bright colors and lots of cardstock. Yum. And working with the public. Have you done that? Well, now, that can be interesting.

I wanted to share a couple of photos. Recently I was with all four of my “babies” at one time! It rarely happens. My dear Jason got them all together without telling me, so when I came home from work one evening not long ago we had a catered meal and lots of time to talk and laugh.

The butterflies like John.
Daniel, Michaela, me, John, Big Joe

How I love these children! They make my heart sing. Maybe it was Dr. Phil who said we are only as happy as our saddest child. True. These children were my world when they were growing up. To educate them, teach them, love them, hold them — that was my day-to-day life. To have them all around me like this now… I am so happy.

Gotta run. I need to put a listing on my shop website at A Bit of Birdsong.

Enjoy this day.


I Figured It Out

Why I always seem stuck when I come here to write: this was the repository for my efforts for all those years. My brave, endless, courageous attempts to keep it all afloat and right — they were put here. I come here. I am in quicksand.

I was.

I was in quicksand.

Not anymore. Acknowledging something — figuring it out — is the first step forward.

Can we talk about how much I love NOT having to type medical notes every day? Can we talk about how much I love doing heavy lifting, physical work, moving displays, making art for displays, working at REUSE for my living? Be still my heart, indeed! I was on my way to work here. Decided to jump up on the fashion stump.

Today I am working furiously on business plans, personal mail and bills, and just cleaning up my art studio. What a ding-dang mess it is! I cannot function when it’s this bad, but I have been working on several projects and have pulled out way too much at one time. Henny Penny, I sure wish you were here to help me.

Oh, and I want to buy just one water plant today for the garden. Just one. Please. And thank you.

Enjoy this day!


A Walk Through My Yard

Hi, my friends! I have missed everyone! It has taken me almost 10 years to be “me” again, but oh my gosh, I feel settled inside. It’s something I cannot describe, but just know that I have had to process a lot of hurt and pain and “history” to be here!

As with many things in my life that were messed up, inappropriate, wrong, or just plain destroyed, losing my garden back at the old house really hurt me. A garden? Just a garden? Could that be so bad? Well, now, you all know better than that. My heart and my spirit were there, and many a time that garden was my refuge, a place where I quietly prayed, or cried, or planned. I was constantly trying to make things better. Not everyone wanted to be on the cart — mostly one person, but you try pushing the cart. Or pulling it. It is emotionally, physically and spiritually draining!

The garden here at Jason’s — my dear Jason — is a gorgeous pallete of pine trees, hardwoods, deer, azaleas, and some basic other shrubs, weeds, pests, beautiful birds, and blah blah blah. Jason affectionately calls me “Lynnwood.” Ahhh, I love that name. It makes me so happy to be working in one part of the house and to hear, “Hey, Lynnwood!” from the other end of the house. My best friend, teacher, housemate, soulmate, finance, confidant, a friend to my children.

I was walking through our yard today and trying to decide how to incorporate some of the many things I’d like to do. Where to start! Oh, yes, I was speaking about “Lynnwood,” That’s what Jason calls the backyard as well, because he says it is mine to do whatever I want with. My heart has been so broken over so much loss, so much abuse, it has taken me years to open my heart to creating something else. Doesn’t a lot of stuff just end up getting thrown out or disrespected or bulldozed? It feels that way.

I wanted to share pictures of the garden right now. There is so much to do!! These are just spots here and there.

A feather I found today.
A Victorian birdbath I purchased when I owned my retail shop, Sidetracked.
Ohhhh, I do love her!
Large hibiscus bloom in the yard.

My aim is to have a woodland garden. I have found the the deer have left the butterfly bush completely free of their grazing! Same with lavender. I am trying to figure out what else the deer really do not like! In a recent YouTube vlog, I show where I accidentally walked right up on a little fawn! She stayed so very still. She was obeying her mother to be quiet and hide. How sweet.

If you have any thoughts on what to grow in this type of yard: pine trees, deer (lots of them), southeast US heat and humidity, please do chime right in!

I will be back soon. Feel free to keep up with me on multiple social networking platforms under the name “abitofbirdsong” as I grow my small business.

Enjoy this day!