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Camilla Estelle

Into the shop this evening.  Camilla Estelle.

Wrapped in Retro and Searching for a Guitar

Dear Peeps, I know I mentioned an announcement of some kind.  Well, here we go.  I love my guitar.  You know I do.  When I bought it from that sweet little lady in the antique store, she declared that she just knew it would bring…

Can’t Let Go

Good gracious I love this song.  I am trying to learn it.  Wait for it, peeps.  In the meantime, listen to the real thing.  The real good thing.   By Lucinda Williams. Thoughts for the day. Get your retro on. If you get hungry enough, you…

Dogs Look Like Their Owners — Annie Fatso Beagle of the Universe and Me

Yeah, Peeps, maybe Annie and I finally look alike. What do you think? She needs reading glasses. Or maybe I don’t. Enjoy this day!

Week 11 Guitar: Beginner Guitar Player

Dear Peeps, I think it’s week 11, but who’s counting? Enjoy this day!

Meryl Davis and Charlie White

Excuse me while I daydream. This video takes me all sorts of places. so sweet what sync imagine a working relationship like that awe inspired I believe I can fly chills (no pun intended) Yeah.

51 Ain’t So Bad

Dear Peeps, Today was the day! Fifty one. And I am blazin’ happy about it. The alternative is not good. I bet you remember the 50 picture. Or not. fifty years old No close-ups today, but maybe soon.  Not that you want them.  Blah blah blah. …

Cinderella Meets The Evil Queen

Dear Peeps, I have been working on a new dress this week, or should I say I finished a new dress this week.  Many moons ago I came across a costume dress with a very cool front to it.  I knew I’d use it for something. …

Sammy Dress Evening Bag Review

Dear Friends, I was asked by Sammy Dress to do reviews of a couple of their products.  The first review is here.  I have always promised to be honest with my reviews, so I am glad that I am able to honestly say some good things…

Dream Journal: Writing Tomorrow

Dear Friends, I am exhausted.  Do you hear me?   And I am going to crawl into my bed into my little magical corner, and I plan to dream big tonight. The Knight’s Dream I have started countless dreams this week only to wake up early…