May I Have This Lamp?

There is a certain lamp that Vladimir has taken to.  Big time.  He sometimes claws the shade.  He stands up and attempts to pull the lamp over, like he is inspecting the top of it.  He sits under the lamp.  He curls up around the base of the lamp.  It is a lamp that I found recently at the thrift store.  I really like the lamp, the shade, and the way it looks, but I think Vlad might like it even more than I do.

Vlad asked if he could have the lamp.


He was not satisfied with that, so he enlisted Lucy to help him move the lamp. Goodness.

I told him, “Vlad! Okay, okay. We can SHARE the lamp.”


I think he is satisfied.

I have the best life. Vlad and Lucy at my house, Amelia and Mars at Jason’s house. In fact, Amelia has become one of my dear babies.

She is a heavy, solid, white fluff-ball! She had given birth to five kittens when Jason adopted her. The kittens were not with her, so he really had no say over what happened to them, but Amelia has just blossomed with Jason. She looks so vibrant and healthy compared to when she was found. Amelia and I sometimes share stories about verbal abuse and sadness over wanting better for our babies.  She is a good listener.

My apartment is in a state of flux as I clean out and shop for a permanent home for myself.  I am getting rid of some things, but I am also hunting for permanent items and bringing them to the apartment to be readied for my permanent home.  I recently found the much-loved end table in the picture with Vlad (actually the matched set of end tables).  I hope to turn them into spectacular end tables for my new home.  Think sanding and painting.

Picture of Durham from the DJI Phantom 4

I really meant to blog sooner than this. I think it has been a week now since I was here! But my life is very hectic right now. Of course, you know about the recent gig. And thank you so much for your kind comments! That required practice and prep. In addition, and I might as well tell you now, I am in school for medical coding. I was really afraid my brain would not easily wrap around being in school again, but so far I have made very high A’s on everything! And I love the subject matter. I have already learned so much. I will be pursuing this subject one class at a time, looking ahead to testing and getting job experience. So there. We shall see how this progresses! I am also looking forward to another concert this week, to see a guitar player who is out of this world! Maybe I can get some really good photos to share!

Forgive my rambling! I guess I am just playing catch-up! I look forward to getting around to all of your blogs and catching up with your adventures!

Enjoy this day!

I think this qualifies as a gig…

Guess what!  I played out live with Jason on Valentine’s night where lots of people were out to eat.  I was nervous and happy all at the same time.  I think things went well!  The whole night, Jason had my back.  It was such an awesome learning experience!  It helps me to know that I can go further with my music.

Grainy, I know, but wanted to share my outfit for a Valentine’s Day gig. You know how I love layers of lace and girliness!
After the gig.

I played and sang (or helped sing) about 10 songs.  There were a lot of people there, but we really didn’t know anyone in the crowd, so there was no one from whom we could get any video or photos from the evening.  I had to settle for a few after-gig photos.

In other news, Mars and Amelia sit around looking like they belong on an album cover. Amelia actually does play fiddle, and Mars plays keyboard, so they probably have a secret band as part of their Meowfia activities. It would not surprise me at all to find out Vlad and Lucy are in the band as well.

Garden-wise, I am loving the little signs of spring here and there. It is so exciting to think about planting and playing outside!

And…I am house hunting! That is an exciting endeavor for sure.  The possibilities are endless. As long as I stay within my budget, that is. But that seems easy enough to do. I just need to be patient and be true to what I really want. Maybe I need to figure out what I really want as far as a permanent home!

Stay tuned for some Vladimir and Lucy tales.

Enjoy this day!