Beautiful Blue

I was working with some beads. I texted a picture off to a friend. I received back a picture of beautiful Beaufort. Is it just me or do you see similar color, feel and sparkle? Enjoy this day. Lynn Read more →


Polka-Dot Skirt

Good Saturday morning to you, peeps!  What a day.  I was up way too late last night, unloading Miss Ellie (the Element) from my last sale, cleaning items up and putting everything away.  I cleaned the little Stepping Stone apartment, visiting all the while with Vlad and Lucy.  I have not done a fashion post in awhile but wanted to… Read more →


Ixtapa — Awesome Mexican Food

Dear Friends, Exhausted, worn out, feeling dry and dusty from exposure to sun and parking lot after a sale, but very happy, my best friend took me out to eat at Ixtapa in Hillsborough, North Carolina.  This little place is adorable! The food is awesome. Authentic. My sweet friend and I shared a fresh coconut. First you drink the juice… Read more →


Photos From My Weekend Market

Dear Friends, How was everyone’s weekend?  Mine flew, but it was fun and busy.  Worked a market again with lots of my crafts and other items.  It is so much fun to meet people and interact with folks all day.  This weekend a friend helped me all weekend, so the weekend was twice the fun!  It is tiring, however.  I… Read more →


Vlad Poses in His Study

Dear Peeps, Here sits a most distinguished author and professor, Vladimir Hasty, talking about his latest endeavors.  I hate to admit it, but I think he has become part of the meowfia.     He has asked if he can go away to business school, but I am afraid he is not being straight up with me.  He’s still homeschooling… Read more →


Catching Up From A Whirlwind Week

Dear Peeps, I cannot believe I am actually starting a post.  I keep looking over my shoulder and checking the phone to see what will pull me away next.  What a busy week this has been!  First of all, my coworker has been on vacation, so it has been just little ol’ me doing what normally takes both of us… Read more →


Dimming of the Day

I am sharing with you a song of songs.  From a soul that longed for kindness for a long, long time, to everyone who has ever suffered. Enjoy this day. Lynn Read more →


In The Gardening Center

Dear Friends, Happy Wednesday, or as Pooh Bear says, “Happy Winds-day!” Yesterday after work I spent some time in the garden center at Home Depot. This is a great time of year to buy perennials. Yes, they will need some love in the form of water as they settle in, but they are almost always on clearance by this time… Read more →


Punk Rock Hair

Dear Peeps, I was only scrunching up to get curls, but some recommended that I just go ahead and wear it like this.  Perhaps I will some time. What think ye? In other news, I have been in the mood to put on my paint-splattered jeans and an apron and paint again.  I am working on some sewing.  Have made… Read more →