Reminders of the Seaside

Dear Friends, I hope you are all having a productive day! I am off work today. I must admit, I have been not much more than lazy today. However,that is about to change as I get geared up for a voice lesson and some errands this evening. Meanwhile, I wanted to share a little reminder of the seaside. A variety… Read more →


Revitalized Tobacco Buildings in Durham

Dear Peeps,   First of all, thank you for your recent comments.  I love hearing from you.  I wanted to share some pictures that I think you will like.  I asked my friend’s permission to take these, of course, but limited myself to just a few shots since this is someone’s personal space.   Part of downtown Durham, North Carolina,… Read more →


The Buddy Holly Show

I know the story but it doesn’t get old, especially when told in the form of a live and exciting musical. I went with friends last night to the Duke Energy Center for the Performing Arts to see The Buddy Holly Story. I wore a recently thrifted white cotton dress, my wonderful black corset and some black and silver gladiator… Read more →


Be Kind To Toads

Dear Fine Friends, I am settled back into home and work. Yes. Vacation is over but what a wonderful time it was. There is still that vacation sort of glow on everything. I took my time getting unpacked and washing clothes. And now I need to say a word or two about frogs.  Actually,  toads. I looked out and saw… Read more →


Thrifting Through Myrtle Beach

Dear Peeps, Ever been thrifting with a group of fun-loving adults who enjoy collecting? A group of four of us went out for the day. I was treated to their regular “circuit” of haunts. This included a mall with three separate buildings full of consignment, a Goodwill, several other places with consignment and thrift, and then a stop at the… Read more →


Lunch at the German Cafe

Lunch at The German Café in downtown Wilmington was out of this world and called for a couple of strudels to take back to everyone at the beach house. Enjoy this day! Lynny Read more →


Wandering Around the Coast

Just checking in on this Monday morning! I do not miss work at all this morning. After leaving Beaufort we made our way to Emerald Isle for a shrimp boil with friends. From there we headed to Long Beach for a huge family vacation. Lots of cousins! This is the first year that we have not been on the water.… Read more →