Dropping in to share a lovely quote I saw recently. You know how I love quotations. Wish I had been collecting them for a book. But I better focus on one thing at a time. Trying to get better at that, and life does seem better that way.

“Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same.”

Emily Bronte

Think of Me — Emi Sunshine

If you have not heard of this little wonder, Emi Sunshine Hamilton, then please listen.  Nine years old.

I think we will see her again, and I do hope so!

Think I’ll go practice.  Doggoneit!!  I wonder if she gives yodeling lessons?  ;)


Hatch Show Print

Good morning, peeps!

This place is really neat.  I love vintage.  Well, you know that already.  These posters are art!

Rainy here. Feels like fall. Boots on. Tights. Dress. Sweater. Ponytail. Hot coffee. Working. Love my job. Love my mom. Saw her yesterday. Awesome. Practicing guitar on every break.

Enjoy this day.

Guitar — Week 36

Dear Friends,

Week 36.  The year of learning to play guitar moves on.

I totally wish I was better, but I am enjoying the journey. The journey, after all, is what it is all about. My guitar teacher keeps me encouraged that I am on my own path with the guitar, and that is the way it should be.

I have a catch-up post in the works. I hope you all are well!

Enjoy this day.

Gabriela y Rodrigo

They are amazing.

Enjoy your day!


Gretsch Guitar Acrylic Painting

Newest painting from The Artist’s Loft.

I am getting ready for an art show here.

Life moves on for me. Sometimes I wonder if I should hang up the old blog hat and quit posting, but I see my blog changing faces and I look at my stats and I know there is merit in keeping it and letting it evolve! For those dear long-time readers who still check in, thank you! To new visitors, welcome! I am always, always open to feedback about the blog, things that will improve it, etc.

I feel like a little girl wandering a dirt road, hands in pockets, feet dusty, gone too far from home to get back any time soon, a bit scared of what’s around the corner but just excited and joyful enough to keep on walking.

Do enjoy this day! They go by quickly! Take joy.

Browsing and Listening

One-of-a-kind music store.  Sound Pure.  Be still my heart.




Silvertone electric guitar

Sitting on bended knee in the store, listening.

Gold sparkle — Nashguitars

I wander through the store and see my life through different eyes.  They are mine, but they see things they didn’t see a few years ago.  I have to wonder, as I think on this, what else is right in front of me that I do not see?  What is out there, quietly waiting for my attention or acknowledgement, that I won’t see until my mind and heart are in a different place.  One thing’s for sure.  The guitar has stuck.  Permanent seat in the house.  No doubt.

Enjoy this day.

Scattered Leaves — The Be Good Tanyas

I love the Be Good Tanyas.  This song, Scattered Leaves, is amazing.  I love the lyrics.

Don’t you go looking so surprised, baby don’t you look so stunned.
Didn’t I tell you that a cold November’d come?
And deliver the leaves from green to red,
To blowing in the wind stone dead?


Be Good Tanyas — Digital Music

Enjoy this very day.

Unlikely Duo? Loretta Lynn and Jack White

Loretta Lynn, born in 1932, successful country singer influenced by the mining community and the times in which she was raised. Jack White, born in 1974, successful rocker, producer, and music video director who is considered eccentric and has an unusual connection to the number 3.

In 2004, Loretta Lynn did an album. Jack White produced it and played on it. It’s so good!

Jack White’s grit. Loretta Lynn’s voice. Her story. His musical influence. Her style. It won two Grammy awards and was nominated for three more. Yeah.

How did I miss this when it first came out? Oh yeah, I was busy reading children’s books and going on school fieldtrips. ;) But it’s all good. And it’s never too late to hear it, if you haven’t already.

Van Lear Rose

Enjoy this day.

Every Ending is a New Beginning

I just wanted to share a recent painting that I sold locally.  I have done two very similar paintings.  If you saw the first one, you may be wondering about that, but I just love the saying, and the guitar in the painting is very special to me.

As blogs go, this is a wonderful place to keep track of things, but I like to share things too. I don’t know what tomorrow will bring, but I am so happy today in the artistic outlets that I have available to me. Music inspires art, art inspires music. It all inspires me!

Going into Monday. Into September. Towards fall.

There is one thing constant: change.

Enjoy this day.