The Kitten Moved in With the Bear

Dear Friends, Just give me some Sculpey and a doll house and I am happy!  One of the big draws at my sales are the doll house items.  I can’t help collecting and making doll house things, and I love to see the stars in children’s eyes when they are delighted by a furnished doll house!  And you know that… Read more →


Alice in Wonderland Charm Bracelet

Good morning, friends!  Uh, well, afternoon actually.  The days fly!  I think time is moving faster.  Could that be?  I am not the only one feeling that way, as I hear others say the same thing.  I know I need to do an updated guitar video.  This old desktop is so prohibitive though!  I will try my best to get… Read more →


Altered: T Shirt and Lace Top

Dear Friends, I have been in the mood lately to make some things again, or alter things is more like it.  White cotton, linen, lacy things, pink roses and vintage things are appealing to me recently.  Not that they ever really stopped, but I go through my phases with clothing.  It seems like for months I have been wearing a… Read more →


Pictures from Carrboro

Dear Peeps, I do hope this post finds you happy and well!  I am enjoying preparing for my next sale.  The last one went very well.  It is interesting figuring out what people are searching for and what people are buying. I know it is very good practice for having my own store some day. I was in the little… Read more →


Finding Your Wings and Loving Your Life

It is sometimes hard to do, you know.  To find your wings.  To fly to higher heights.  To try new things.  To trust.  To live.  To love!     I was talking with a very dear friend yesterday.  We discussed an article that stated how elderly people find a certain peace and serenity in life that they say is beyond… Read more →


Greetings from the Art Desk

Dear Friends, Dropping in on this hot and cloudy Friday to share a picture of some homemade cards.   I am constantly adding little bits of this and that for my sales.  I love it.  Creating with my hands does something for the inner me that wants to fly out and sprinkle fairy dust around the world.  I think most… Read more →


All In A Day’s Decisions, Obligations and Cravings

Dear Peeps, Craving minerals calls for vegetables though there are some Twix bars in the next room.  Summer sweating calls for rehydration, plus I need a jump up before I have large coffee tomorrow morning, so it seemed like a good idea to make a broth with organic carrots, celery, potatoes, onions and garlic.  It has mostly water as a… Read more →


Watch-Cats Over the Craft Table

Dear Peeps, Thanks for your comments lately!  It is so much fun to hear from you!  In weather news, this North Carolina heat is brutal recently.  Highs in the upper 90s with humidity that makes it feel like 100s.  It is exhausting.  I have been out in it a few times lately for my sales, which I plan to continue. … Read more →


Back Through Time — Does the Future Affect the Past?

Good morning, friends!  Happy Thursday! I was going through this old computer, looking at pictures and taking a trip down memory lane. The beloved Little Wild Garden in the spring of 2005.  Ten years ago!  How can it be that 10 years have gone by?  I am very happy and content with my lifescape right now, but who could have… Read more →


I Know You Can See Right Through Excuses

My Dear Peeps, I would claim busy-ness, and it is true(!!), but I know you would see right through it.  Guess what I did bright and early this morning?  I had a yard sale, and actually more than a yard sale — I took many of my homemade crafts out as well.  It was a good thing!  And very helpful… Read more →