Lovely Fungi

We’ve had rain here. Rain and more rain. The sun will peep out, and then it will rain again. For days! I think maybe we are now due some clear weather, however.

Thank you for the recent comments! I appreciate so much to hear all your comments and updates!

I’ve always loved a little fairyland of moss and fungi.

Enjoy this day.


Happy Winds-day

Good morning everyone! First of all, thank you so much for your comments. I read them all and they make me smile! And Victoria! You grew up in a pink motel? I think that sounds very exciting and interesting.

Days lately are long and busy and very happy. My shop is growing and I am very excited about that. Oh if only I could work with paper and fabric 24/7.

Here is some mushroom inspiration for you! We have had more rain this month than in any May that I remember. Everything has been damp and we have had a lot of fungi! These mushrooms popped up in a large planter I have. They are beautiful, I admit. I am thinking of turning these into some kind of journal cards for my shop.

Life is so short and beautiful! Remember to enjoy this day!