It is why I never want to go inside

I am in the paper studio right now. I have to wrap it up because we are getting together with some friends to record a vocal track. Anyway, maybe you can see why I don’t want to do anything but stay in my art studio. I am so grateful for this little space. I never thought I would be treated like such a princess. xo Lynn

Always in traffic

I am trying something new. A WordPress app on my iPhone. And this might actually help me post more. We are going to try it.

I feel like I am forever in traffic lately. I do more traveling than ever for work, and sometimes I am not sure if I want to continue to do this. Of course there are changes and choices available to me, as my position within my company has undergone huge transitions lately. Anyway…

I am absolutely in love with my new studio, the “paper studio” as I call it. So far it is working out very well! My shop on Etsy is growing and doing well. It takes a while to work out a routine for anything, but I feel like I might be getting the hang of this! I love working with vintage paper and old photographs, so it feels very good to be streamlined with just this one thing in my Etsy shop right now. It is nice to have one thing that is focused, especially when so many other aspects of my life seem multifaceted right now.

Enjoy this day,