Tights and Beyond

Dear Peeps, Introducing tights. New tights. An early Christmas present. Love! Too bad they won’t last forever — and we know that tights do not last forever, but I am sure going to enjoy them and take care of them while I have them! Guess who came to see his Mawmaw? And yes that is what I am dubbed. Tried… Read more →


ASMR — let me whisper in your ear

Have you heard of ASMR? Maria has millions of views and has been featured in news around the globe. You either like it or you do not. gentle whispering I like it. I fall into the group of folks who get a tingly relaxed feeling. You? Lynn Read more →


My name is Lynn and I am addicted to bags.

Dear Peeps, Make no mistake. I am an addict when it comes to handbags and totes. Over the weekend I was at Hobby Lobby with some friends and I saw the cutest postal-type tote. I was inspired. So I came home and made something similar. Here is the result. Note that I was running around the Stepping Stone apartment to… Read more →


Christmas Throw

Dear Friends, I have some more apartment pictures for you! Well okay, I sort if forgot I was in this first picture! But wanted to share the tall mirror I found at GW. It was right around 7 dollars. A great buy. I stood it in the corner thinking it was temporary but it has worked out nicely there. The… Read more →