Mile High Ice Cream Pie

Yes, hanging my head in dessert shame.  I fell off the gluten-free wagon and rolled into the ditch cheating. Some part of my mind snapped, apparently the part attached to my stomach. I dutifully ate a salad. The waitress asked if I wanted dessert. “No.” She smiled at me because I am so good at eating healthy and saying no… Read more →


Walking on the Eno

Dear Friends,   Happy Tuesday!  The weather here is so pretty.  My large window lets in the sunshine and the breeze.  I love having that available while I work each day.  I absolutely love working from home.  Not sure I could do anything else at this point, unless it would be some type of work for myself.  I would love… Read more →


A Few Finds

Dear peeps, Here I sit blogging on the lg pad. It’s a good thing. I won’t type much since this teeny tiny eency weency itty bitty keyboard drives me crazy. Just a few pics. Some recent finds: Madewell sweatshirt and a lovely pinkish and lace scarf. Also a sweet sweet baby!   Enjoy this day, Lynny Read more →


1930s …sigh

Dear Peeps, Just wanted to drop in and exclaim that I found a 1930s Better Homes and Gardens magazine. Swoon. Pretty cover. Pretty ads. Sage advice. Just plain pretty. I will enjoy turning the pages of this later. For now I must run to guitar practice. Enjoy this day! Lynny Read more →