Corgi shop dog

Well now peeps, not a real one. No. And even saying the words “shop dog” makes me miss Annie Fatso Beagle with all of my heart. What makes me happy though is this very sweet framed print that my sweet friend Val sent me! It just makes me HAPPY to see this little sweet doggie! Valerie, thank you!! Sweet Valerie… Read more →


Shopland News

Dear Friends, Thanks again for recent comments and support. I feel the love!! I want to do better at keeping up with at least a little photo every day. How about yesterday’s outfit to start with. And newly added to inventory last night. Isn’t it darling?? I have six in the shop. Some in color. Some all white. Okay. Must… Read more →


Pretty Stuff

Deer Friends, Thank you so much for the recent comments. Makes my day to read them! Sometimes I still cannot believe I am in a little shop. It is a little nest. I keep flying in and landing with pretty things. Customers seem to like it here. At least it seems so! I want to share with you a sketch… Read more →



Dear Friends, It has been such a busy day, but I can feel things winding down and moving into something steady. The big push is over. Finally!! I continue to inventory things and will keep buying and making for the shop, but that is the fun part!  In fact I have some new items to inventory tomorrow! This is where… Read more →


So In My Element

Dear Friends, I was so in my element today. Not my Element, but my element. Ha ha. I did not realize until today just how often I say “sidetracked.”  Now that I have a business by the same name, I realize that this is where I belonged all along. Friends, I wanted a shop from the time my sweet Daniel… Read more →

glass_lamp _crystals_3

Lamp, Renewed

Dear Friends, I found a beautiful lamp base. No globe. Pendants — whatever they were —  gone.  I bought it. Fortunately for me, I enjoy plundering. The Scrap Exchange held in store the perfect globe. A box of baubles supplied the “crystal” pendants. I am in love with this lamp.  Finished today and in the shop. Lynn   Read more →


Lynn in the Caboose

Dear Peeps, Here I am, enjoying a cool October Saturday morning, drinking coffee, and thinking of the caboose. A friend and I worked for about 5 hours last night, trimming shrubs (well he did the heavy work) and displaying merchandise. It looks wonderful. I am amazed at the transformation. Here I am goofing off inside the caboose before much of… Read more →