Snowing Around An Old Desktop

Dear Peeps, The snow is deep.  For here. I am cozy inside, working through the day and then enjoying an evening in my Little Stepping Stone apt. Oh my gosh, I love working from home! The only thing better would be having my own store, which is on my to-do list! I must say, I have looked at a couple… Read more →


Little Delicate Netty Rosettes

Dear Friends, A week since I posted. How in the world do the days run together so very quickly?? It is mind boggling! Where do i start? I have enjoyed more thrift shopping and more apartment decorating. Pictured above — the beautiful sleeve to a vintage dressing gown. So sweet. More to show you. Just on a short break but… Read more →


Happy Valentine’s Day!

Dear Friends, I truly meant to put this post on last night but the night was busy and just slipped away. Funny how that happens! You know how I LOVE antique postcards! Well, the other day on lunch break I wandered into an antique store and spent about 10 minutes looking through the thousands of postcards they have. I could… Read more →


Dear Spring, Where Are You?

Hey Peeps! Are you in the mood for spring? I am! We have had some spring-like days lately but I know I must contain myself. We still have some winter days to go, and hey I don’t have a yard! But boy can I daydream. I am so good at that. It is probably an accidental therapy but I love… Read more →