Blue Howlite Elephant Bracelet

Dear Friends,   What a week!  I am glad it is Friday evening.  Time to take a breath.  Thanks again for all the recent comments.  I will be very excited to show you the caboose as everything unfolds and gets into place!   In the meantime, have you ever heard of howlite?   I fell in love with these howlite… Read more →


Stacks of Hats and Sweaters

Dear Friends, Thank you so much for all of your recent comments!  I appreciate the happy encouragement so much!  Tonight I am heading to bed early after working on a few little things around the apartment.  Earlier in the evening I drove across town and sat in front of the caboose, just thinking.  Thinking of colors.  A sign, or two. … Read more →


It’s Not Over Until the Cat Lady Sings

Dear Friends, Rainy here.  Has been for days.  Forecast says it will be so for a few more.  But that is okay.  We needed the rain.  A friend recently said this is “Ireland weather,” so that is probably good for my soul, seeing how my ancestors have some Irish mixed in — a lot, actually, on my dad’s side, but… Read more →


Another Important Dog and a Steampunkish Bag

Dear Peeps, Dropping in to say hello and to thank you for all of your sweet comments of encouragement!  I appreciate it so much.  I continue on with fingers crossed, amassing treasures and making things.  😉 I know I mentioned recently telling you about someone I got behind at McDonald’s.  Well, here he is. Another very important pooch.  I have… Read more →


Preparing to Open the Shop

Dear Peeps, I am supposed to sign a lease on Thursday.  Honestly, I won’t believe it until it happens, but it is supposed to happen.  So there.  But before we talk about that, I think it is important for you to know that I ate an entire bag of Beanitos chips this evening.  I admit it.  I even turned the… Read more →


Perfect American Eagle Outfitters Skirt and Some New Bags

Dear Peeps, The weeks roll by.  Day after day, week by week, and here it is feeling cool outside — time for fall! I recently found this awesome skirt in what I call an Army fatigue green.  It’s great.  The best part?  The three stacked belt loops.  Forgive the twisted belt in the photo above.  This was end of the… Read more →


Growing Inventory

Dear Peeps, I continue to grow inventory for the grand opening. Whenever that may be. 😉 Vintage dress from Montaldo’s. Framed prints from some art work done a couple of years ago. My grandson has the originals in his nursery. Lots of plants sprouting and growing in varied pots. Mushroom candles, old tins, and other stuff and nonsense. I have… Read more →


Best Coffee

Dear Peeps, Just sayin’… Enjoying my morning coffee and thinking — half excited, half scared out of my mind — about the very real possibility that I will have my items in an actual store in October!  Yep, there is a space available and I am trying to get into it.  We shall truly see.  Of course, my “real” job… Read more →


I Am Percolating

Dear Peeps, Please, please, control yourselves when you get a glimpse of this baby! Yes, folks, bubbling in the kitchen is coffee, blub blub up into the little glass top! Three dollars. Clean. Vintagey perfectness. I am working hard to make my someday shop a reality.  I think percolating coffee in a little shop would be just right!! Enjoy this… Read more →