Chrissie Hynde and a new Song

Ooooo, Chrissie Hynde and her voice!  I love it.  So distinctive.  She’s amazing to me, of course for her singing and musical ability, but did you know she was voted one of the best dressed over-50s by The Guardian? She’s got a vibe that I think is very individualistic. She was born in 1951. Hard to believe.  Here she is in… Read more →


Truth About Cancer and a Guitar Painting

Good morning, Peeps! I hope you are well today. Yes, you. And you. And you. That reminds me of Romper Room. Did you ever watch that show? You’d have to be a certain age to know what Romper Room was! Oh, the magic mirror! At the end of each broadcast, the hostess would look through a “magic mirror” – actually… Read more →


New To Me J. Jill Dress and the Art Desk

Dear Peeps, Just dropping in with a Happy Friday Afternoon.  The weekend looks to be busy and fun.  That is the plan, at any rate, though I do understand that I am not in charge of the universe.   The dress is a simply-cut J. Jill and I love the way it fits.  Plain but not plain, you know?  … Read more →