Stopping in on a Saturday — Downtown Courtyard Art

Dear Friends, I hope your Saturday is going well, ending on a good note, was productive.  Whatever time zone you are in!  For me, the day is coming to a close.  Evening is here. I was in downtown Raleigh last night and took some pictures that I think are really fun.  I love gardens and I am just drawn to… Read more →


Kitties in Sync

Dear Friends, Oh, the gray and dreary day the sky seems to be trying to dole out!  But happiness can be found if we look for it.  The kittens seem to brighten up our little corner of the world, and they are so in sync with each other.  It is very apparent that they are litter mates.  They can often… Read more →


Two More Long-Gone Faces — Margie Shea

We have made it to Wednesday! The weekend draws closer. I remember when I used to have to work every weekend. So nice now that weekend work is a thing of the past. I LOVE my weekends! I took the time yesterday to edit a couple more photos from my bag of “lost” family members. Not my family members, as… Read more →


Scenes from Around the Apartment

Dear Friends, It is somewhat late, and I have Pandora playing.  The washer and drying are getting all of my clothes clean and dry.  There is something so sweet about being home.  I cannot even put it into words!  Of course, home is where the heart is, and my heart loves many places.  There is just something about being inside… Read more →


Wild Cats Near the Kitchen

Dear Peeps, Here I come dragging in with another excuse.  Been busy.  Sorry I have been absent.  One of the problems still seems to be that I am on the go so much, and while I LOVE my LG Pad I am not so fast on it when it comes to blogging!  That said, here we are now.  Get some… Read more →


Brave Girls

Good morning! Here I am, slept late, having some middle-of-the-day quiet time and coffee.  We were supposed to get rain today but so far it is just sunny and pretty out. We will see. I found a blog this morning that I have fallen in love with:Brave Girls Club I have just been reading the posts about liking yourself enough to… Read more →


Recovering from 29

Dear Peeps, What a fun birthday I had!  Fun, presents, fun, presents.  It feels great to be 29.  Again.  (Andee, are you listening?  Funny how we are now both 29 every year!) What can I share with you today? How about one of my favorite pictures of all time?  I love this boy and his sweet son.  This picture was… Read more →


Mile High Ice Cream Pie

Yes, hanging my head in dessert shame.  I fell off the gluten-free wagon and rolled into the ditch cheating. Some part of my mind snapped, apparently the part attached to my stomach. I dutifully ate a salad. The waitress asked if I wanted dessert. “No.” She smiled at me because I am so good at eating healthy and saying no… Read more →


Walking on the Eno

Dear Friends,   Happy Tuesday!  The weather here is so pretty.  My large window lets in the sunshine and the breeze.  I love having that available while I work each day.  I absolutely love working from home.  Not sure I could do anything else at this point, unless it would be some type of work for myself.  I would love… Read more →


A Few Finds

Dear peeps, Here I sit blogging on the lg pad. It’s a good thing. I won’t type much since this teeny tiny eency weency itty bitty keyboard drives me crazy. Just a few pics. Some recent finds: Madewell sweatshirt and a lovely pinkish and lace scarf. Also a sweet sweet baby!   Enjoy this day, Lynny Read more →