D’Addario NS Micro Clip-On Tuner Review

Good morning!

How are ya today? I am off work today! GASP!  I have worked Saturdays and lots of holidays for years and years, so you will understand the joy of a three-day weekend for me! I am off work today, working on my art, playing my guitar, milling around the “artist’s loft,” enjoying the light coming through my large window.

Maybe you don’t play the guitar, but I imagine that I get the occasional guitar player stumbling by my site from a search. That said, I want to review something I have been using lately. It was a gift, and I love it! It’s the D’Addario NS Micro Clip-On guitar tuner. As a beginner guitar player, I was originally going to YouTube to tune my guitar. There are very helpful sound clips on YouTube to help you tune by ear. I am not knocking that method of tuning by any means! But I love the “step up” that I have taken with a tuner that stays on my guitar and “listens” for me, for the perfect pitch.

D’Addario NS Micro Clip-On Tuner

This little tuner is so many things! It tunes based on vibration, so no sound input needed; it’s precise, it’s obscure, it will work on a variety of instruments, and it has a reversible screen and metronome. I can speak from experience: it made a great gift for an aspiring guitar player!

I hope you enjoy your day.  Set a good goal for yourself.

Contemplation. Focus.

For years I worked to create a life, but it was like being in a play with someone who was working from a different script than I was and nobody told me. It was exhausting, devastating, maddening. I don’t endorse divorce. Hey, it’s the reason I stayed. And stayed. And stayed and stayed and stayed. But at some point raw survival kicks in. It just does. My tendency to judge others is quite altered. No one knows what goes on behind closed doors. Anywhere. Only God does.

I am getting to the point here. I promise. Where my art is concerned, I found my focus. It is music, and more specifically the guitar. The guitar has made its way into everything.

Now I need to learn to plan my days so that the many ideas unleashed from finally being in the right play can find their way to those who want to enjoy them.

Enjoy this day!  (That sentiment will never change.)

“A young man was practicing his guitar in the wee hours of the morning when the landlord came in.  “Do you know there’s a little sick lady upstairs?” asked the landlord.

“No,” answered the musician.  “Hum a little of it.”


Playing Today — Fogerty and More

Playing today in the artist’s loft:

John Fogerty: Somewhere Listening (For My Name).  Awesome.  This song from Blue Ridge Rangers is fairly new to me, introduced by a friend by way of iTunes.

Also, my sweet mama shared a song with me this morning. Go check out The Cactus Blossoms singing “Why Don’t You Haul Off and Love Me One More Time.”

Why don’t you?

And, please, eat some southern food while you’re at it.  ( Vidalia onion, organic baby kale, olive oil.)

Music is so healing. I have found that when I feel down, putting on music COMPLETELY alters that mood. I hope I never have to live without music in my life.

Enjoy this day.


Dear Friends,

Maybe you remember this from the olden days.

A painting by Michaela, done when she was much younger, a little girl; she was at my elbow learning about mixed media. Sweet years!

I am still encouraged every time I look at it and think that she chose the word COURAGE to go on her painting.


Courage altered.

Courage renewed.

Be encouraged!

Michaela’s painting hangs above my bed with some other collages from my first days of dabbling in art.  They were days when I felt like I would lose my mind if I didn’t find a way to express myself.  I often wonder if my thyroid died more from suffocating in a world where I had lost my voice rather than from an allergy to gluten.  But no need to wonder too much over that.  Perhaps they worked together.

At night I can see a reflection of the Courage painting in a mirror that sits across from the bed.

It is ghostly in the low light at night, reflecting back at me, but a good ghostly.  Know what I mean?  It brings me peace.  It centers me.  It reminds me that my courage is intact.  I sit up sometimes in the middle of the night to check the time or take a drink of water and there I see Miss Courage, looking at me from the mirror.

Enjoy this day!

A Visitor At The Mailbox

Dear Brave Peeps,

You must muster up all the courage that you possess.  We had a visitor outside at the mailboxes this week.

This is intimidating enough, but the snake was not satisfied.  It actually slithered up the steps in my direction.  It came up about 6 or 7 steps before I went in, got the broom, and drove him back into the wild, which in my case is right around the corner in some mondo grass.  I have to wonder: will he be back?

What do you think?

Enjoy your day peeps!  Life is precious, so precious!  You better smile!  You better count your blessings!  Look up.  Give out hugs.  Learn how to do what you have always wanted to learn!

Outfit Post — The Woman in Black?

Dear Peeps,

Once again, I have been absent from the blog but oh-so-busy with real life! Working on lots of art for my Etsy shop. Will try to post about that later today! Every day I feel like I need to write you something substantial and then I get busy and don’t do it. I am such an all-or-none person. Have been all my life. But I am going to try very hard to just put at least a picture and a line on here every day!

For today, we will call this an outfit post, but sure had fun with my guitar and the camera.

Pants: Gap
Shirt: Zena Jeans
Shoes: Blowfish
Guitar: Martin

Maybe some day there will be a CD to put one of these pictures on.  Will try to post new progress video soon.

Enjoy this day!


Today’s Thoughts — Share Your Medicine and Love Yourself

A sweet friend shared an article with me, written by Kelly Rae Roberts, one of my favorite artists.  She talked about the healing power of art.  In the article she mentioned a thought that I love:

“We all bring our own medicine to this world.”

I love that.

Here’s to helping others with our medicine — our art.

I love turning journal pages into art.

On another, similar front, I have been focusing on loving myself and my life.  The things that are me.  Flaws and all!  And I don’t mean that in a selfish way!  Or a self-absorbed way.  You can only really love others if you are completely happy with who you are and where you are!  I have emotions that I need to let go of and control.  And then there are other qualities that I need to develop within myself.  But again, try loving yourself for exactly who and where you are right this minute.  I have to do that with my guitar playing and singing as well.

Artist’s Loft.  Artist.

Enjoy this day!


New Art in the Artist’s Loft

New mixed media collage in the Loft.  I love it!

I love the headstock on this guitar.

Sorry I have been absent. Lots going on here. Lots of changes. Some sad, some hard. But lots of happiness too.  Let me just share a quotation I heard not long ago:

“A mother is only as happy as her saddest child.”

We will leave it at that.

Enjoy this day!

Love those Be Good Tanyas

Yes.  The Be Good Tanyas.  Loved them already.  But listen to at least a minute of this and you’ll know why this is the kind of gig I am looking for.

In other news, The Loft comes along.  Been here a year.  This is home.  For now.

Porcelain Peach by Glidden.

A-bit-nicked-up shelf with new choice of fabric on front of drawer and a bird-covered dish for bits and bobs.

Take away the pink. Take away the clouds without silver linings. Take away false hope. Take it away.

Enjoy this day!