Making Homemade Garden Edging — Full Tutorial

Dear Readers,

So here they are!  All of the videos associated with the garden stones!  I will add to this post when I have Q & A information (have some of that already to do later) and when I have updated pictures!!

Enjoy this day!

PS — I think I will dedicate this to my paternal grandmother, who could always match up the most unmatching clothes in the universe. Flowers. Stripes. Bring it on.

6 thoughts on Making Homemade Garden Edging — Full Tutorial

  1. Lynn, the edging is beautiful! I really like the finished product and I can imagine mosses growing in all the nooks and crannies of the stones. :) Thank you so much for the tutorials and showing the finished edging. I am inspired to try this myself!
    Warmest regards,

    1. Hi Joanie! Thank you so much! I want to make some next with mosaic tiles and see how that does. :D I think you’ll have fun with it! Warmly, Lynn

  2. Hey Lynn! You look so beautiful in your colors! You are turning into a fashion trendsetter. I loved my grandma in her dark sweater, ‘Joseph’s coat’ of a long flowing skirt, long pants underneath the skirt (did not have long underwear), “galoshers” and petticoat tucked in them digging out in the yard… I believe she dug bulbs often. Well, I will try these stones. I have never done anything like this in the cold weather, but I am willing to try this as a present to myself (Ho Ho!) Thanks for doing this video for us, I love watching the little garden change, week by week. I am sure that the creation of this is a blessing in itself to you. Looking forward to more… Love, Terry

    1. Hey Terry!! Thanks. Ha ha. Lots of brightness going on. And maybe some mismatch!! I hope you have fun doing this!! Please let me know when you do it and how it turns out. My stones are setting up well and doing okay still! Thanks so much for your comment!! Love, Lynn


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