Two Birds

Good morning, dear readers!

Oh!  Well, lo and behold, it’s actually afternoon. Quite! The days fly by and leave me tired but happy. There were two birds at the feeder the other day, just as I came around with my camera.

It’s just you and me today!



Pincushion flower.


Pincushion flower in front of rock birdbath.

A holly tree at the end of the garden path.

This is a holly tree that at first I did not think I’d like.  It’s at the end of the garden path; or maybe I should say beginning!  Now that I have pruned it though, and I see its resiliance, I am thinking it would be great to anchor one side of my garden arbor.  When I get one, that is.

Window geranium.

On the inside of home, this geranium — or at least what is called a geranium — blooms after being rescued from a frost.

It’s very cold here today.  I am thinking an afternoon nap would be a good thing.  Maybe I’ll nap instead of eat during my lunch break today.  My mornings and late evenings lately have been taken up with some art time — something that makes me so happy.

Polymer clay doll. All handmade.

There will be more about her later at my art blog:  A Bit of Birdsong

In fashion news, I know you don’t all always get over to my clothing blog, but I have found some really fun dresses lately!  Dressed up like an elf.  Well sort of.

I HIGHLY suggest having fun with socks this time of year!

Probably one of the most fun finds in a long time is this velvet and satin dress to wear to a nice dinner with the Mister.  It’s a 1 dollar find!  Except of course, maybe, some Via Uno leather Mary Jane platforms.  A 4 dollar find.

It’s cold today.  Have I said that already?  Maybe.  But it feels extra cold after days and days are unseasonably warm weather!  I am in the mood for hot cider.  Maybe I’ll just have to go find some!

Enjoy this day!


  2 comments for “Two Birds

  1. December 14, 2012 at 5:38 pm

    Dear Lynn,

    You found some lovelies, indeed! The birds look quite contended being just a twosome. How nice to still have pincushions blooming, and the holly is good luck for the home, so I would definitely keep it. Have you looked into drinking holly leaf tea?



    • December 16, 2012 at 9:26 pm

      Dear Marqueta,

      Thank you! Thanks about the holly! Did not know that! Will look into the tea. xoxo Love, Lynn

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