Happenings of Friday (and days leading up to…)


Gee.  Where do the days go?

Maybe here…


Shopping for vintage clothes.

Or here…


Taking little Isabella out shopping with me.  Where we saw these…


Two great big greyhounds, whose owner let the huge creatures jump out of his car and come over to a very curious and excited Isabella!  Check out the doggie’s nails!!!


They were true to their owner’s description of them:  big babies!

We also went shopping in Big Lots and saw this…


The one pictured was 69.00 and I was so glad to see it assembled, because there was another one, quite a bit larger, a walk-in size, for$119.00.  I am so tempted!  Mama?  I mean, for that price, if I could get even one year from it!

Yeah.  I think I could make plans for that structure!  :)



You know there needs to be a somewhat structured, quasi formal photo shoot to document the approximate one-year mark of a quickly growing little girl!

I gotta get to bed now.  It’s been a long day.  Tomorrow will be another.

4 thoughts on Happenings of Friday (and days leading up to…)

  1. hi lynn,
    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Isabella’s outfit in the last photo. vintage-y looking dress, cute tights, and holding a flower in the garden? she’s a mini you for sure!! what fun a one year old granddaughter can be! so glad you are able to spend so much time with her.

    1. Hi Connie! Isn’t it lovely! Her mother picked that dress out. She picks out really cute clothes for her. And yes, Isabella is loads of fun, and WOW her personality is really coming out! She’s very, uh, lively!! ;) Friends, Lynn

  2. Dear Lynn,

    Those are the best ways to stay busy! I love the last picture of Isabella; she’s growing by leaps and bounds!

    That greenhouse does look like a good deal, even for the “bones” of it.



    1. Dear Marqueta,

      Thanks so much! Yes, babies grow way too fast, don’t they! And I got the small greenhouse. You shall see it soon!



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