More Bargains and a Coupon Notebook

Just dropping in on a break to show you some more coupon  bargains.


All of this was 9 dollars!  Yes, more soup stocking, as 57 cents a can is about the lowest I have seen Progresso soup.  This price comes from a BOGO (buy one get one free) sale, plus a coupon that is doubled.  We don’t live on soup, but we do eat it for lunch frequently as we are all on different schedules, and we also occasionally have it for a quick supper.  And Progresso makes really good soup, many of them gluten free!  The yogurts are 10 for 8 dollars right now, again a great deal, and I had a store coupon.  (Harris Teeter knows I eat them and buy them and they keep spitting coupons out of the register for me.)  The last great deal is the two bottles of John Frieda liquid shine conditioner that was in a clearance cart for 2.34 each for a total of 5 dollars, and I had a 3 dollar coupon on two bottles, making the final price 1 dollar apiece.  I love it!  The deal and the conditioner!

One thing I can tell you:  always check the clearance carts in your store, and never underestimate the power of a coupon!

Finally, my coupon notebook and some new inserts for it.


I finally caved in and put my coupons in the notebook format.  This format has been unbelievable in its ability to organize me!  I am blown away.  I always steered away from it, thinking it was just a time consumer, but it is amazing!  I can flip through my notebook and see coupons instantly!  It does require card holder pages, many of which I had in a stockpile from a previous trip to the Scrap Exchange.  No, I was not hoarding, but we had used them in our homeschooling days for stamp collections and the sort.  I did need one more packet though, so I took a 40% off coupon for Hobby Lobby (easily found on line) and used it to get this package of inserts for about 5 dollars.  It feels sickening to pay 5 dollars for one item when I have been bringing home several bags of food for less than 10 dollars!  Anyway, I don’t won’t to lose my mind over this.  I guess.

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