So You Want To Lose Weight

Yeah, me too.  I found a great looking blog today.  Here’s a quote from it.

“eat mostly plant-based foods, moderate your portions, and move your body”

I agree, and I want to keep trying to do more of that.

Here’s the blog:

Kimberly Snyder


6 thoughts on So You Want To Lose Weight

  1. Hey! At first I thought this website would be too healthy for me but then I clicked on her article about bananas (which I love and eat 2 to 4/day in my smoothie) and I sure learned alot! Thanks for the link! I have to laugh though, because the article on “12 Items in Your Fridge That You should Throw Away” are basically my staples!

    1. I read the bananas thing too, Andrea!! I bet I have the same 12 things that I need to throw away. Haven’t read that one yet! :) She does have a great site, though!


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