Kitchen Window Still Life

Dear Friends,

I am working today and cleaning up some, in preparation for visitors.  It seemed a good day just to pop in with a quick hello and share a photo or two of a geranium that has been in the window all winter.

It has gotten a bit leggy, looking for light, but it is covered in gorgeous blooms!

Enjoy this day.

Your friend,


2 thoughts on Kitchen Window Still Life

  1. I have a soft spot for geraniums in windows. :)
    Not that I’ve ever had one survive the winter, but still. They’re so lovely and homey.
    THANK YOU for stopping by and saying hello yesterday! I’ve missed you!
    Your flowers and patio table set are so pretty. Perfect setting for enjoying God’s beauty.

    1. Hi April! Yeah, me too! This one survived the winter, but it is SO leggy. It is basically hanging out of the bay window into my face when I am at the sink! I have missed you too! Love and Hugs, Lynn


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