Gypsy Dress From The Sea — Altered Couture

Dear Friends,

This dress was a bit of a test, and I do believe I like the result.

I am not so sure about the aqua color…

but it was a dress I needed to do something with, it’s linen, and the result feels magical!  I love the way it looks over all, and I do plan to make more of these with more neutral colors.  Something I have realized?  I need to be taking notes so that I can remember the tricks I am learning along the way!  

Do you like the overall look of this dress?

I am happy to report that I have had some sales!  I stopped by the shop this morning to get feedback on customer comments.  What people don’t like, what they do like.  I am finding that there is this balance one has to strike.  I have to make what I like — what is ME as the designer, but I also have to make things that people want.  I am learning so much about fabric and shape and lengths and on and on.  I love how from the back this dress looks slimming at the waist, and I think it’s the hourglass illusion you get with the visible blue at the top and at the bottom, and yet from the side you can totally see how the vest part hangs out from the dress.  It’s really not “fitted” at all!

Enjoy this day, peeps!

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