Five Weeks Into Guitar

Dear Friends,

I am almost embarrassed to post this because I know how far I have to go, but I feel very strongly about keeping a record of my progress! I mean, who thought I’d pick up the guitar at 50? It has been such a comfort to me. Very healing. So here goes. Week 5 progress.

In other news, it’s a work day. Gray and wet out. But the little Artist’s Loft is clean as of right now — nice to have a couple of hours before work starts, there is coffee in the kitchen, Olive and Annie are getting along and both sleeping right now. Very happy.

Enjoy this day!

10 thoughts on Five Weeks Into Guitar

  1. Golly, you have really improved. Those chord changes are coming along—all you need is a little more practice and they will smooth out for you I bet.

    Keep at it!

    1. Hi Victoria! Thank you! I am loving it, and hoping that one day I’ll be able to switch from one chord to another really quickly! :) xo Lynn

    1. LOL, Thorne Garnet! I know I am usually standing still on Dylan’s Dress, trying to show off clothes. :D xo Lynn PS — and thank you!

  2. GREAT! is that a sunflower apron you are wearing? if so, I do not recall seeing any musicians under second avenue bridge in nashville wearing an apron, the last time I looked! lol but you could be the first! you do think OUTSIDE the box!


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