A Case of Roses Will Be Fine

Dear Peeps,

Going through old postcards today, I came across one of my all-time favorites. While the edges are tattered and torn, the central portion of the card remains very intact and beautiful with age. You may have seen it before on AMothersJournal.com — before the big crash, as I will call it.

Beautiful beautiful rose!

I have always admired the handwriting on the back of the postcard but I don’t ever remember having the words sink in like they did today.

June 23/

Hello Anna:

Shipped another case of roses yesterday.



It was addressed to Mrs. Anna Curtius

Port Richmond

Staten Island


It is postmarked Jun. 23 1909

Now Peeps. Postcards keep people and history and love alive! It is one of the reasons I love postcards so much!!

I began searching online and found a very interesting piece of history in Google’s free ebooks.

It would appear that in 1919 an Anna Curtius of 366 Watchoque Road, West New Brighton, Staten Island, New York, filed a claim for damages from an explosion of the T.A. Gillespie munitions plant in New Jersey. Peeps, this is your history lesson for today. About 100 were killed. Over 100 were injured. Around 18 were missing. A LOT of money was paid out by the government in settlements.

Now. About that rose shipment. At first I was thinking of stems of roses but then I wondered if maybe it was rose plants for a garden. And the postcard seems a German postcard to me. I would love to find more information about this lady. In searching for the address in New Brighton, I am led to a website of the Catholic Church, I believe. New Brighton and Port Richmond are not so far away from each other. It just brings all sorts of questions to mind.

On that note I will say…

Enjoy this day!


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