A Few Things

Just dropping in with a few lines. Looking forward to live music tonight, a surprise from my sweetie! Off work. All the birdbaths are all scrubbed clean and filled. The hummingbirds have fresh food. The tomatoes from the garden are fine. I continue to work on closing down the shop and transitioning to a private studio. I think a Friday nap may be in order. Or wait…I have time to go shopping! The Steelbender is prepping for a lesson anyway.

Oh, and I am still working on family history.  Pictured is one of my McNeill ancestors: Thomas McNeill born in 1849, my great-great-grandfather.  His wife was Martha Jane. ❤

Roma tomatoes from the container garden.
Love from Mars.
I love the little Bambies that come around.
Sweet planter in the Etsy shop.

Enjoy this day!

6 thoughts on “A Few Things”

  1. Happy Weekend Lynn! You look ready for a night of live music and dancing, such a very cute outfit!

    I love the idea of the Bambi babies coming into my wooded yard, but alas, I live in the city and the only thing we have are raccoons and many bears…Have a wonderful weekend and try not to work too hard…Terry

    1. Hi Terry! Thank you!! I am getting used to the deer. They will come so close to me when I am out. Especially if I just sit quietly on the ground. The hardest part has been learning to share my plants!! xoxo Lynn

  2. Always love your clothes!

    Actually, it is now time for my Friday nap!!!! But then, I always take one. Have for years. Yes, even with kids and taking care of a grand. I napped. They knew they had to stay/play quiet, in their rooms. While I napped. I laugh when I hear/read people say… “Oh he won’t take a nap any more!”

    Hahhhh… “He” or “She” will do what Mama/Nana says. I am here to say so, having done the *impossible,* for years. 🙂

    Oppps, another walk down memory lane!

    Gentle hugs, beautiful Lady!

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