11 thoughts on “A Few Updates and a New “A Bit of Prayer” Journal”

  1. So much love to you dear Lynn. Love, love this so much! Just like a sweet phone conversation with you! What a beautiful little prayer journal, you make the most wonderful things. Anyway just dropping in to say love you and stay safe during this storm. Val

    1. Hi, Valerie! Thank you so much! I love you as well, and it was soooo good to see you recently and get a Valerie hug! xx

  2. Hi Lynn,
    Thanks for the “shout out” and answering my question 😉 Whether you write on your blog or make YouTube videos, I’ll find you!!
    Love your prayer journals…….and you’re making them at just the right time. Thanks for the update. Been thinking about you and praying you and your family are staying safe in the storm. Our friends in Wrightsville Beach took shelter in Atlanta, and we also know people in Charlotte and in Wake Forest near Raleigh plus we have family in Clover, SC. You know I love the Carolinas and want to move there someday. We were planning on heading out there next year for our vacation, so we’ll have to see how things are.
    Sending ❤️ and prayers!!
    Your friend, Connie xo

    1. Good morning, Connie! Thank you! If you come to NC, you KNOW I have to see you in person, right? If you are close to where I am, it would be lovely to get together. Thank you for your friendship and love and prayers! Your friend too, Lynn

  3. I thoroughly enjoyed your video. You’re a sweetheart! I’m praying ya’ll stay safe and sound. Keep up the good work!

    1. Susan, thank you so much! Thanks for the very kind words and especially for the prayers and good thoughts! xxLynn

  4. Very nice Lynn! A nice visit with you and love your prayer journal and that coffee looks yummy. I’m so glad they still make moon pies but didn’t know about the coffee. Stay safe in the hurricane! xo andrea

    1. Hi Andrea! So good to hear from you! I hope you are well! I see a link for you..? Will be there to check it out. xxLynn

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