A Letter to the Garden

Dear Sweet Garden,

Thank you for tea and infusions; tea that nourished my bones, my brain, my heart, every cell, my spirit!  I know I need to drink from you every day and not just sometimes.  I have missed you, Little Wild Garden, since I had to move away from you, but I know your spirit and personality are recreated wherever I am.  You will be where I am, and you will give me what I need.  I trust you.  God made an abundance of plants and creatures and called it a garden, and that is where he put his first human creation. I know you are a powerful place of refuge and quiet and life, and even, sometimes, death.

infusion from the garden
infusion from the garden

I have started over, and this time it has truly been baby steps to find you again. Maybe people think I am crazy for talking to you, garden, but it is quite the opposite! You very often kept me sane. You were a reprieve during many stressful times, and even times when I tried to recreate you in places that were transient and not right, you gave me peace and beauty. Dear garden, I love you!

gathering herbs
gathering herbs
cold, bottled herbal infusion

When I look around me now, the beginnings again of you, garden, I see a plant that has flourished near me always, and even grew by random seeds I tossed out this past spring: rosemary. I know I need you. I have always known that. The more the better! You have been by my side for nearly three decades. I see two native plants now, prolific and healthy: the pine tree — two varieties; and pipsissewa (wintergreen). The landscape you have chosen for me is new to me, but it contains elements of two places I have loved. I grew up among the pines. I am glad you are here. And you have a forest floor thick with leaves and pine needles and dark, rich, decaying matter, springing forth mushrooms and fungi. I think we will get along well together, you and I.

Enjoy this day!

2 thoughts on “A Letter to the Garden”

  1. Oh Lynn, this is just beautiful. You always could grow the biggest healthiest plants. Your Little Wild Garden was amazing. You can grow another one just as pretty. I love you. Mom

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