A Study of Contrasts

This morning I was at my craft desk. I pulled an old magazine from one of the shelves.

I recognized it immediately as one that used to be my mom’s. She and I have both taken many gardening and homemaking magazines through the years, so sometimes we have traded a few or donated to each other. This one was hers. I flipped through the pages and found this:

Only it was not finished. I saw my mom’s handwriting. She had done about half the puzzle, or maybe a bit more. I got the sweetest feeling knowing that my mom had worked on this, probably standing at her kitchen counter. Mama, I finished this crossword for us.

Looking at these pages made me long for springtime! And yet it is in the single digits outside with snow on the ground. Perhaps it will do me good to get online and search for small greenhouses.

I would even dream of a clothesline if I thought I’d ever again have time for one! But I know my mama loves things like laundry on the line, even now.

Be still my heart!

Meanwhile, in real life…

Actually, I have enjoyed being extremely lazy during this snow. I have napped. I have snacked. Tonight I hope to practice my guitar. A lot! I have helped with a friend’s dogs, which has been more of a treat than a chore. I am thankful for every single day. For healing and for all that we have!

Enjoy this day!

8 thoughts on “A Study of Contrasts”

  1. What lovely pictures. I love the clothesline. I have had one on my list of wants for a while now. If only I could convince Brad to put one up. Nothing beats the smell of laundry dried in the sunshine. As if I have the energy to lug laundry in and out of the house. LOL….Sometimes my wants exceed practicality.
    Your snow pictures are beautiful too, glad you are getting a nice rest and time for yourself. Love and hugs, Val

    1. Hi, Val! I love that smell of clothes in from the sunshine as well. And I hear you about the energy to lug it in and out! And the time it takes! Whew. Sometimes just a wish list helps me to be settled, even if I don’t actually get/do it! πŸ˜‰ Love and hugs to you! Lynn

  2. Lynn, this is so sweet. It almost made me cry. Thank you for finishing the crossword puzzle. I’ve been sitting here staring at it and I can just about tell you which answers were mine…the simple ones, and those that have been crossed through. πŸ™‚ I do remember having that magazine. Seems like I finally got rid of that stack of gardening magazines from the early 90’s. I spent many an hour looking at them and still not knowing how to begin making a yard here in the woods. I love you. Mom

    1. Mama, we will have to share more crossword puzzles. I will start one and send the rest to you. πŸ˜‰ You had done A LOT of the hard ones! You are so funny. I love you, mama! ~your girl

  3. How wonderful to finish the crossword, almost like you were doing it together. I have a clothesline that I use in the dry weather, I love the smell of the laundry that has been dried outside. Sometimes it is the simplest of things that give us the most pleasure. Take care.

    1. Mamasmercantile — I agree! Sweet to share the puzzle. I agree about the laundry too. I had only a clothesline for many years, raising my kids in a near-100-year-old house, but now seems the days just fly. I may try to put up a line again one day! xo Lynn

  4. Those are some lovely remembrances of warmer days! I would love to have a clothesline, but our community has rules against them. That needs to be changed! It is warming up here, but it is drab and rainy, so nothing to be excited about.

    1. I have heard of rules like that about clotheslines! Can you imagine people way back in the day settling for such a rule! πŸ™‚ But I guess it leads to a more uniform look. xo Lynn

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