A Tin of Treasures — Buttons

Dear Friends,

What better job could I have than shopping for a shop?? I ask you, peeps!!  And I shop everywhere. Auctions, resale, thrift, personal estate sales, new retail, and I want to  figure out exactly what I need to do to be able to buy certain things in bulk on the line. You know, things like tights. Awesome sauce.

Today is such a beautiful day. On my lunch break I went to a little vintage jewelry shop downtown and got a vintage brooch for Christmas.

Getting back to shopping, however, I recently happened upon a beautiful Christmas tin.

It looked vintage, which is good enough in and of itself, but then I gasped when I opened it.

Oh yes, this is coming home with me.

I cannot wait to go through these buttons and pick out the ones that will go on some of the creations I am working on presently. Well, better run for now. A lot of work to do. Would you be delighted to find an old tin full of buttons?

Enjoy this day!

2 thoughts on “A Tin of Treasures — Buttons”

  1. That looks just like the interior of a button box that I got when my sister and I cleared out things from my Mom's house when she died. Tons and tons of buttons—-a lot of course were just plain white ones cut off old shirts and blouses but a good many interesting old ones mixed in. I bet you find lots that can be used to "fancy up" your refurbished clothing.

    Happy hunting!

  2. Hi Vic! I just love old buttons. So does my mom, as you probably know! I am sorry you lost your mom. I sure love my mama. And yes! I find lots of buttons, but finding them in bulk does not happen so frequently. xo Lynn

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