About This Blog

A Mother’s Journal is my online home.  I love sharing fashion photos for the 50-something-year-old girl who wears what she wants to.  As far as I am concerned, many of the secrets of life and death can be found in the garden.  You will certainly hear about gardening here.  Occasionally you may hear about one of my four grown children or one of my grandchildren.  I am currently the proprietor of a tiny shop in a vintage train caboose.  It is called Sidetracked.  My midlife crisis is learning to play the guitar and forming a band.  I love to paint, sew, and work with clay.  Actually, I just like being creative!  My mother and my sister are two of the loves of my life.


My current best friend in this world is my dear sweet Jason, guitar player extraordinaire, sweetheart, day-to-day companion in strumming, walking, shopping, creating, and dreaming.  Welcome.  I am glad you are here.

DISCLAIMER:  I am an affiliate with Amazon.com.  Sometimes you will see links that include my affiliate ID, but I will always share within that post when it is an affiliate link. I order frequently from Amazon myself.  Amazon has been a good fit for me and it is an affiliate link that I feel good about.  I would never stand behind anything that I have not used myself!  My affiliate ID with Amazon allows me to earn a very small commission when a sale is made through my promotion of a link.


My daddy.
My maternal grandmother, front right, and some of her siblings, nieces, nephews, and cousins.
My maternal grandmother, Lillian Jewel Comer.
My dear, sweet mama, most of all.