American Tobacco Campus

This North Carolina girl really loves living close to downtown Durham!  Durham is rich in history, including tobacco history.  One of my favorite places is the American Tobacco Campus.  Even the Duke family who did so much to establish Duke University had a hand in the booming tobacco industry.  That’s such a paradox now!  Tobacco is out of style for most folks these days, for good reason, but the huge brick buildings, trimmed inside with rustic old beams (what a cool industrial look!) are a sight to behold now that they are being restored and turned into hip new places.  I love the tobacco industry’s old landmarks.

Jason and I were there over the weekend.  We walked until my Fitbit hit 5000+ steps.  We ate at Mellow Mushroom where they have great GF pizza.  We took lots of pictures.  We sat and talked.  I hope you enjoy the photos!

Lucky Strike tower off in the distance.
The moon rises behind two humongous mushrooms.
Didn’t know Jason was taking this photo of me! The water runs from one end of this place to the other, over large rocks. The babbling sounds of the water add a great ambience!
An enormous chess set with Bull Durham and tobacco-themed pieces.

Me and my sweetie!
North Carolina Public Radio studio on the American Tobacco Campus.

Stay tuned.

Enjoy this day!

10 thoughts on “American Tobacco Campus”

  1. Love to see preservation of old buildings.

    Lucky Strike! Wow, that’s a glimpse into the past. ,-) Don’t think they even make them anymore, but…. Not sure though.

    Love your photos!!!! So nice to see someplace, which I will never see, on my own. And the photos of you two, are great.

    Please Remember D-Day
    Luna Crone

    1. Luna, it is like going back into the past to see these old things, and yet the upgrade of all that industrial area is so cool! It’s the best of both worlds. xo Lynn

  2. Even though I’ve never been a smoker I’ve always loved vintage Lucky Strike advertising, that giant cigarette is so iconic.
    Love the giant ‘shrooms, too.
    Thanks for taking us out with you and your man! xxx

    1. Hi, Vix! I love some of the tobacco adverts as well! Iconic is a very good word. Sums up a lot of the spirit of the 50s and 60s. xo Lynn

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