Baby Addie is Here

Dear Peeps,

Finally, finally, Addie is here! What a little sweetie! Or big sweetie maybe!

She entered the world today at 5:39 p.m., weighing 8 pounds 9 ounces. Whew. I am so thankful she is here safely and that she and mama are okay.

I LOVE the photo where Addie is first handed to her mommy. So sweet. Look at those hands. Perfect little fingers! Thanks for your recent comments about her, wondering how things were going. Today I have had my hands full watching these two little ones…

Addie’s brother and half-brother. I cannot begin to tell you all we did today. We played on a “ship” (the climbing structure at the playground) until it exploded. Little brother and I had to run while the poor captain (big brother) stayed behind on the troubled ship. Big brother ended up blowing up and floating in the water but Baby brother and I screamed out, “Oh no!!!! The Captain!!” Well, I screamed. Baby brother just ran along holding my hand and wondering what we were doing. But suddenly the captain was back to life. (This adventure took place under the close direction of big brother, and believe me, we had to play out that last scene several times to get it right.)

We blew bubbles. We ate at McDonald’s. We watched movies. We went to Dollar Tree. I am exhausted.

Switching gears, I recently walked through Pottery Barn and admired all of the springy and Easter-inspired home decor and kitchenware. Enjoy.

Enjoy this day!


17 thoughts on “Baby Addie is Here”

  1. What a a pretty baby. So nice looking for a newborn—-so many times they look somewhat unfinished.

    Pottery Barn, I used to get their catalogs and was entranced but once we were in a mall that had a storefront and I was so disappointed in the look of the place—-nothing like the displays in their catalog. Maybe the management just wasn't working as hard as they should have been.

    I just love the china with the rabbits and flowers. Now if only I could persuade myself that I really needed a new set of china (or even a few extra dessert plates) and then could come up with the funds to purchase a set.

    1. Vic, thank you! She is pretty. Of course I am completely biased, and I know it! This Pottery Barn is at a mall called Streets at South Point. A beautiful mall. This store is very very pretty. There were people working on displays the whole time I was there.

  2. Lynn! Did you know that World Market and Pier 1 both have darling Easter décor and plates/glasses etc? I tend to avoid Pottery Barn because I get in a huff about their astronomical prices, but World Market & Pier 1 make me less grumpy.

    Also, congratulations on sweet Addie! And what a fun day you had with her brothers; they are lucky boys 🙂

    1. Hilary, I LOVE both of those places. The prices at PB are prohibitive for me but I loved just being inspired. I know EXACTLY where you are coming from. Thanks for the reminder of two great places to visit soon.

  3. Hey Grandma! Congratulations! I should have been the first to comment…I have looked at her picture a dozen times. She really is a beautiful baby. Those little red lips are so sweet. I want a set of those bunny dishes! I love you Lynn!

    1. Thank you!! Ha ha. I am so exhausted. But it has been so much fun. I think this bonding time has been really awesome for me and my son and my daughter-in-law.

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