Baby, What A Hat!!

Dear Friends,

I purchased a new printer yesterday and I am working my way through my collection of vintage photos and postcards for my online shop and for Sidetracked. I just love these old pictures! I am enchanted with the fashions. I love to look at the furniture and plants and architecture and vehicles in the pictures as well. You get the idea. That said, just look at this baby’s hat and at this lady’s stockings!

So sweet!  I wish there was something written on the back. A name or a date or anything. I hope everyone is having a good day and staying warm. It is chilly here today. But at least it feels a bit more like Christmas after all the warm days we have had. 
Enjoy this day!

2 thoughts on “Baby, What A Hat!!”

  1. Lynn I can picture you in stocking like those. Well, something kind of like those. 🙂 I've never seen such a hat on a baby. Must have been even before my time! Love you Lynn!

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