Beautiful Antique Cupboards Galore!

I was out over the weekend, shopping at a favorite store:  Branching Out in Chapel Hill.  That store is MAGIC to me!  Inspired by Deb at Just Cats, I decided to take some cluttered-cupboard photos to share.  I love stuff, clutter, dishes, knick-knacks, whatever you want to call it!  As long as it is organized!  Organized clutter can be a beautiful thing!

I love the large mirror above.
This cupboard reminds me of the 50s.
This is my favorite.
All the pink! Be still my heart.
Silver and white.
Lots of scientific-looking things in this one.

I am busy into a new week. I wanted to post yesterday, but the day just flew away so quickly! Seems there are not enough hours in the day to get everything done. I am working on homemade Valentine cards for the shop. (I promise to show them soon!) Trying to get a little guitar practice in; trying to learn a new blues tune. Learning something new, something academic, which hopefully I will reveal down the road. Just busy, busy!

Barnes & Noble

The week has already included a trip to Barnes and Noble to get books for my new endeavor, but I had to stop and look at the craft magazines!  I would not call this much of an outfit post!  Leggings, boots and long cowl neck shirt.

Dinner at City Kitchen.

I had an awesome meal with guitar player extraordinaire, Jason Barker, at City Kitchen. I LOVE the art work on the walls, and the food is amazing.  I had the golden beet risotto. Yum!  Music is a regular topic of discussion, and Jason has taught me so much about the guitar.  Just wish I could play at the level I want to be at and that I feel I should be at by now.  I have to cut myself some slack, however, because so many other aspects of life must be tended to!  There’s work, the shop, children, grandchildren, and so much more.  So I practice when I can.

City Kitchen.


Well, I am off to finish the day, with a little help and hope from above.

Enjoy this day!

16 thoughts on “Beautiful Antique Cupboards Galore!”

  1. Oh my goodness, you are one busy lady!
    I love pink china too. It is what I have in my china cabinet!
    The store you visited in Chapel Hill looks lovely. My favourite antique store here closed last year. I still haven’t found one as good.
    Have a good week!

    1. Robin, I do stay busy! Probably too busy sometimes! I hope to have a china cabinet again some day. Something antique! You would love Branching Out!

  2. What a neat restaurant! And your guitar playing is an amazing accomplishment (I don’t have that skill) and I’m glad you have Jason.
    I enjoy seeing those cupboards and china! Valentines are fun and brighten up spirits during the winter. xo Andrea

  3. Dear Lynn,
    What lovely china. I love the pink, so elegant. I think it is wonderful that you and Jason can share a love of music.
    Have a wonderful week. xoxo Valerie

    1. Hi, Val!! Yep, I agree — the pink is just special. Thanks about Jason. He makes every effort (and then some!) to support me with kindness and understanding. He is my best friend. xoxo Lynn

  4. Oh such beautiful china. I love the deep white bowl with the big black polka dots. It really pops among all the traditional fancy pastel ones.

    1. Hi, Victoria! Thank you for stopping in and your comment. I love that bowl as well. It does pop for sure! It has whimsy. 🙂 xo Lynn

  5. Lynn, thank you for sharing the photos of the beautiful cupboards filled with organized beauty! I love transferware! I have some blue and am always on the hunt for more pieces. I enjoyed reading here again today.

  6. Hey Lynn! This post makes me want to bring our old cupboard in from the front porch. Sure wish there was room for it inside. And you know, the pink dishes are my favorite! Jason looks mighty handsome! Love you! Mom

    1. Hey, Mommy! I love you so much. Yes, he’s handsome. 🙂 I love that cupboard on your porch! Oh my. It’s awesome. But you are keeping it polished/oiled and taking very good care of it. Love ~your oldest child.

  7. Hi Lynn: This was such a fun post. Thank you for the mention. I just love peaking into china cupboards. If they are filled with blue and white English transfer-ware I might never leave. Your cats are adorable. =^..^=

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