Beautiful Dreamer Plaster Head Cast

Dear Friends,

I promised pictures of the amazing plaster head. I could not think of the term plaster yesterday, but maybe it is appropriate. This amazing piece feels like a very smooth clay, and it looks like some sort of cement, but it is not nearly as heavy as cement. Following are pictures of this lovely delicate face, forever asleep.

Tell me. Are you as taken as I am?

Enjoy this day. It will never be here again.


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10 thoughts on “Beautiful Dreamer Plaster Head Cast”

    1. Hey Mama!! I am not sure how she will be tomorrow. For today, this is her. I think I am going to have a naming contest in the shop. Yes! You are the best mama in the world. Love, your girl

    1. Hey, Wean! I still think it is very cool. It is too bulky on the inside for me to think it was an actual plaster mold of someone's face. But perhaps! I am trying to get more information about it now. This is very interesting. Lynn

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