Beautiful New Journal! “December Daily”

Many journalers do what is called a “December daily,” where they journal every day in December.  Here is my new journal.  I love it.  Sigh.  This is the entry for December 1, 2018, and a bit about the journal.

I hope everyone is doing well!  Enjoy this day!


2 thoughts on “Beautiful New Journal! “December Daily””

  1. hi lynn,
    i’m enjoying watching all your youtube videos! can’t wait to hear (hopefully) about your new job, too.
    wishing you a warm and merry christmas!
    your friend,
    connie XO

    1. Connie, I have been so absent!! I apologize! It’s been the busy holiday season, trying to fill orders, and just plain old living, being a grandma, mom, and everything else. I am working in a reuse center. LOVE IT. Recycle, repurpose, be creative, work with the public, all that. Love to you!! xxLynn

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