Bee Balm, Clematis, Yarrow

I used to try to keep a notebook of my garden.  It was fun to look back through it and realize which plants had really taken off and which plants had disappeared so readily I forgot I ever had them!  For now, I am going to try and keep up with plants here.  These were planted in April 2017, Durham.

Clematis virginiana (virgin’s bower), Monarda fistulosa (“Claire Grace”), and Achillea millefolium (“Salmon Beauty”).
Salmon Beauty. Photo source:
Clematis virginiana. Photo source:
Monarda “Claire Grace.” Photo source:

4 thoughts on “Bee Balm, Clematis, Yarrow”

    1. Robin, it got pretty cool here over the weekend, but now it is very warm and I think everything did fine! I am looking forward to playing outside! xo Lynn

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