Beginning a Garden with my Sweetheart

Those of you who have visited for a long time would remember the garden I tended for years and years.  It grew into a tiny paradise that actually was the selling point for several people interested in purchasing the old house.  As I rebuild my blog, I hope to include galleries of pictures from that garden.  Meanwhile, I am gardening with Jason.  I do think a cottage garden is in order.  He says, “Go, create, do whatever you want.”


So let’s start with a front porch planter. I love the brightness! It seems very, very Victorian to me! And a rosemary wreath. Yes.


Next up is an antique garden item, purchased from a dear friend and previous coworker. She and I shared a career path and a love for all things vintage and antique.


The fairy girl statue is something that was in Jason’s backyard, pretty much waiting to be disposed of. Apparently she had wings and two arms at one point, but someone doing some work in the yard accidentally broke the statue. I love her! She has a place in the garden for sure. You know me and cast-off things.


Finally, our large camellia is covered in buds. I cannot wait to show you the blooms (like you’ve never seen camellia blooms before!).

It took me a long time to get to the point I have reached today. It is very hard to keep starting over, but gardening is such a healing thing. I have taken my time in really making a decision to court this little garden spot. And I believe I have a lifelong companion in Mr. Guitar Player. We garden together. So I do expect this place to turn into a beautiful, meaningful place of peace and many, many creatures.

NOTE:  Connie, thanks for your question!  This is actually a living wreath.  It was purchased in a pot from Home Depot but I took it out of the pot and put it in my big planter with the pansies! 

Enjoy this day!


7 thoughts on “Beginning a Garden with my Sweetheart”

  1. Nice Lynn! I’m happy you are back to the blog with this name! Nice pics from your present garden. I will enjoy seeing your old garden pics too! I am in a new home and this home has no gardens. Due to the snow on the ground right now, I cannot plant. I don’t know if I will ever get the yard to be as cozy as my old one….probably would be too expensive! Andrea

  2. dear lynn,
    hello friend, good to see some new garden photos! love, love, love the rosemary wreath. is it simply a wreath that will dry or is it planted in the pot and formed on a wire? either way, what a creative idea for a pot.
    i clicked on to page 36 and saw a couple posts back from 2008, back when your little girl was little! can’t wait to find some time to peruse over old posts.
    enjoy your garden planning. i know it will be a beautiful haven for you and jason. happy you have someone to share it with!
    love from your friend,

  3. Thank you so much for your kind comments!
    Andrea — it is hard to perfectly recreate an environment! I am doing my best to bring forward some old thoughts but appreciate them on a new canvas!

    Mamasmercantile — Thank you!

    Valerie — Thank you! I love the vote of confidence!

    Vicki — Thank you! I love you, too!

    Connie — So good to hear from you, dear friend! Yes, I hope to restore a lot of things. Format must change, of course, but I am sure enjoying the trip back through memory lane while looking at all these photos and documents with clearer and healing emotional-sight.


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