Big Ol’ Hair

I love big hair.  I do.  If I could just wear this, I would.   But I can’t.  It has to be somewhat controlled.  I guess.


Have you ever heard of Imogen Heap? Aside from her amazing voice and musical talent, her hair is shockingly wonderful and awesome. Mama, are you reading this? (pics from Pinterest)










I might do some experimenting with big messy hair. (Yes, even more experimenting than before.)







In the meantime, this is the biggest my hair will likely get today.


I don’t know.

If it gets any bigger today, I will take a picture and show you. It could get bigger. It could.

Enjoy this day!  And the following video.  It is a work of art.

4 thoughts on “Big Ol’ Hair”

  1. I love big hair to! I only have big hair when I have a perm and I am not going there anymore LOL. I put enough chemicals in my hair trying to keep the gray out. I do really want a new hair do though. Love you cuz

    1. Ha ha. I hear you! I have a few grays. Not sure what I will do when I get more. Hair mousse or gel helps. But can be a pain to deal with. Love you too, sweet cousin Vicki! 🙂

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