Bohemian Gipsy Journal

Just in case you’d like to see bits of the video explaining my most recent handmade journal, there is a loooooong video telling all about it. Just in case. I am certainly not suggesting that anyone spend 42 minutes listening to me talk, but there are journal collectors out there who enjoyed it, I think.

This world of ephemera has put a star in my sky that makes me sooooo happy. I have always loved paper.  And here I am with a paper business. Be still my heart. You can put anything on paper. Gardens. Music. Clothes. Love. All.

Enjoy this day.

8 thoughts on “Bohemian Gipsy Journal”

    1. MM, thank you so much!! I loved making it. I have started another concept journal. I’m very excited about it as well. xx Lynn

  1. I was watching your video and my son was in the room doing something on his computer and I remarked that the DVD about Juliette sounded interesting. So he poked around in his computer and found that the University here in town had a copy and he somehow accessed it through my husband’s account there. I’ve just been sitting here watching it and it was really fascinating. She was surely something; very brave and sure of herself and just went her own way following her intuition and made an interesting and useful life for herself.

    1. Yes! She was a free spirit and a brave girl! I need to watch it again. That is so neat that you watched it, Victoria! xo Lynn

  2. Thank you so much for your inspiration! This journal and your fabric packs, set in motion my love for Boho junk journaling. I have since made 4 Gypsy/Boho JJs. Xo

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