Bright Pink Vintage Fascinator and Black Velvet Cocktail Hat

As promised, here are two more hats.  I am sharing photos with you as they go into the Etsy shop. (I have to admit, again, photo editing apps are GREAT for softening middle-age wrinkles for promotional photos.)  😉

Enjoy this day, friends!


Vintage pink fascinator.

8 thoughts on “Bright Pink Vintage Fascinator and Black Velvet Cocktail Hat”

  1. Oh mercy, a Cocktail Hat! Isn’t that just the “too-too-retro” thing?!? :-)))))))))

    It certainly harkens back, to another time. :-))))


    Gentle Spring-time hugs,
    Luna Crone

    1. Luna, do you love retro things? I guess we all have what we love and don’t love when we visit what is retro to us! There are definitely ERAS in my own personal fashion story that I do NOT want to repeat. EVER. But cocktail hats! So sweet! Hugs to you!! Lynn

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