Can you reverse osteoporosis?

What in the world is this? You may wonder.

For the past 24 hours I have been simmering beef bones and vegetables. Henny Penny and I have talked a lot about osteoporosis the past few days. I think a weekly dose of lots of mineral-rich broth would be a start as far as natural remedies. Herbs: another resource to look into.

What are your thoughts on osteoporosis? I’m trying to prevent it at this point. Supplements? Exercise? Natural remedies? Pharmaceuticals?

Do you think it can be reversed?

Enjoy this day!


2 thoughts on “Can you reverse osteoporosis?”

  1. I know! We need to get back to soups with the soup bone in. I made chicken soup recently with the whole chicken…I’ve heard that is better than cold meds! I don’t know anything about osteoporosis. If you find out info, let us know. Or….I guess I can search online. Andrea

    1. Hi, Andrea! Yes, I agree. I am much removed from some of my healing habits at the old house. I am trying to get back into a groove. I tell you one thing: moving 6 times doesn’t help. LOL. I am dealing with osteopenia personally, and the women in my elder generation are all dealing with osteoporosis. I am visiting an herbalist friend soon, I hope, so I will see what I can do. I know exercise is key as well! Sigh. The things we deal with.

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