Sweet, Lovely Find — Vintage Paper Dolls

I remember reading about little girls of long ago, before the days of excessive toys or anything electronic. They would cut “paper dolls” from leftover catalogs and magazines given to them by their mothers. That was their fun!

Recently I came across an old magazine from 1907. When I opened it up, I was delighted! There inside was a stack of cut-out paper dolls. Babies. Bonnets. Ladies. Parasols. Rugs. Hats.  Horses.  Buggies.

I wonder what little girl cut these out. It looks like she even colored a few of her own! So sweet!  Enjoy.

Enjoy this day!

Beautiful Little Art Studio

My sweetie has been so good to back me up and take care of me. I was planning last week to get into what will be my art studio and do some cleaning. It is a stick-built workshop that is now my happy place. I was going to just make it tolerable, for now. Enter Jason. Shopvac, blower, pressure washer, paint. Oh my.


  • I’ve missed you
  • I love old papers
  • I will see you tomorrow

Enjoy this day!

Happy Easter: Vintage Easter Photos

I just wanted to drop in and wish everyone a Happy Easter!  It has been a beautiful day here today.  The shop was fun, but I think lots of people are traveling.  Traffic into the shop was light.  Here are a few more vintage and antique images for Easter!

Family postcard from the early 1900s (my children’s paternal great-grandmother).
“One who claims that he knows about it, Tells me the earth is a vale of sin, But I and the bees and the flowers doubt it, And think it’s a world worth living in.” Family postcard from the early 1900s (my children’s paternal great-grandmother).
Family postcard from the early 1900s (my children’s paternal great-grandmother).
Family in prayer. 1878
Want a lozenge, Fido? 1878
Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus. Phil: II. 5
Little girl at the garden gate.

Enjoy this day!

Free Victorian Graphics: 1800s Illustrations

Friends, please enjoy these illustrations. They are all from 1878, which is a pretty good indication that copyright long ago expired.

I am surrounded by happy, purring kitties. Sunshine has been pouring down out of the sky today. Flowers are bloomin.

Enjoy this day!

1878 illustration.
Sweet little girl, caring for her pet. 1878
1878 illustration.
He Careth For You. A beautiful illustration from 1878.

Beautiful, Beautiful Spring

Which way shall I turn?  A window plant?  A cat?  A walk in the park?  Working in my garden spot at Jason’s?  I think I need spring, the earth, plants, and a good soaking water of newly planted flowers, the kind that leaves the air smelling like dirt and promise.  That is what I need.  I need spring!

Here are some photos of recent activity.  On Monday I took the day off work to celebrate my birthday!  Happy Birthday to me!  Jason took me out to eat.  On Tuesday night we went to see The Steve Miller band.  Let me tell you, Steve Miller hasn’t lost a thing!  He was great!  Even today, Jason is preparing the yard so that I can get there and play in the flowers on my time off.  I am so needing spring.  More than ever in my life.  Here’s to spring!

Azalea in bloom.
DPAC the evening of Steve Miller concert.
Pretty little miss statue, sits near my desk.
Favorite vintage postcard of my collection, complete with letter home from soldier.
Yummy Angus Barn dessert, after birthday dinner with Jason.
Tiny little patch of phlox in bloom.

Enjoy this day!