Another Starbucks Mug

A sweet friend stopped by this morning to give me some things for my little Sidetracked shop.  Every Saturday until I close for good, I am having a big sale!  As the months left in the lease dwindle down and I clear out inventory, it is still fun to have new things to put on the shelves!  My customers love to come in and say, “What’s new?”

But one thing in the bag that I had to set aside for myself…

A bright Starbucks mug that I do not have yet! I think it will perfectly hold a vanilla latte. Don’t you?

Stay tuned for garden photos.


Coffee’d Up With a New Starbucks Mug

I rarely splurge on things like this:  expensive coffee mugs.  But I am a coffee lover and I am frequently on the road.  And I think I might just start collecting Starbucks coffee mugs. 😉

I debated over this one.  I really did.  Should I buy it?  I ended up telling myself no and walking away from it.  But then I could not quit thinking about it.  I love the colors and the vibe of it.  It’s me.  Are these colors I would wear?  No!  I look like I have jaundice if I wear green like this.  But I love the gothic feel, the toxic color green, as if to say coffee is my poison.  And yet coffee in moderation is a very good thing for me.  It is the one “sweet” I allow myself these days: coffee with coconut sugar and half and half.  Unless I stop by SB, and then it is a white chocolate mocha, large, with four pumps instead of five.  Oh dear.  (Thanks a lot, Andee.  Just kidding.)

Amazon has a nice selection of SB coffee mugs. They actually have one that I really wanted back at Christmastime and said no to.  I am good at saying no to items I don’t need, but the adage “if you cannot forget about it, go back and get it” may apply here.  Plus, Jason encouraged me.

This lovely siren with a gold crown!  She called out to me, too.  So artsy.  So sweet.  I may end up getting her yet.

SB rewards in the form of gift cards is something I can earn through work, so I need to cash in soon and buy the mug I want! Tell me. Do you like Starbucks? Some folks don’t! At all. I know that it is just not good-tasting coffee to some. I happen to like it. Do you ever splurge on something like this to treat yourself? Do you collect anything?

(Note that some of these images are connected to my Amazon affiliate account, but I like Amazon, and I hope you do too!)

Enjoy this day!


Guitar Update — about 2-1/2 years

My Dear Peeps,

I always get sidetracked, which is the name of my little shop, by the way. I love being busy, and busy I stay. I enjoy my job. So it seems my days go round and round, the same, day after day, but in a good way. Coffee to start the day, which is my drug of choice. Love coffee. Yes I do. Insert favorite coffee cup here:


I bought this heavy, oversized mug awhile back. I have never found another like it. Wish I could! It has been my favorite since the day I laid eyes on it.

But back to the days. Wake up. Coffee. Work. Day ends. Plan for Saturday at the shop, eat dinner, walk, craft, practice guitar (ouch, I need to do so much more of this), laugh, cry sometimes, make jewelry, shop, chores. Fall into bed. Repeat.

I put a video up on YouTube of my semi sort-of two year mark. It has really been about 2-1/2 years, but I am going to dig my heels in and really work and then hopefully wow you with an awesome 3-year video! Jason and I did this in the dining room, his dining room, and it is most informal and low key. As you will see, LIVE FROM THE DINING ROOM. We just uploaded it and are noticing just how low-res it is, so we may do a different version, but we shall see. This is the song I wrote about prescription drugs called Chemical Vessel.

Looking forward to your feedback! I know you will love Jason’s playing!


Enjoy this day. (And hopefully the video.)