Ringing in the New Year!!

Here we stand on the edge of 2019. How exciting to have a clean slate, so to speak. I have purposed to just try to be a better person, rather than make a laundry list of things I am going to change. Would I like to suddenly become someone who puts nothing but nutrient-packed foods in her mouth? Someone who walks 10 miles to start the day? Why, yes, I think, as I stare across the table at an empty bowl with traces of whipped cream and strawberry-rhubarb pie.

I cannot believe, actually, that I am here at age 55, still wanting to change so many things, still running after goals, still loving every little step of this life we have the privilege to live.

I plan to do some things to streamline my ephemera / journal business in 2019. You will see more here about the business and what I have under way in the studio and for sale in the shop.

I know I talked about having a job I love! It is so true! Some have asked about it. I have left medical / clerical!! Finally. I did my time. I have taken my retirement and I am now working on things that are more creative! I work in a reuse center, building displays, making journal items to promote sales, learning about outreach, and I plan to teach classes on how to make journals. The other thing I am doing is building my business here from home. I LOVE it!!

Here is wishing everyone a wonderful, purpose-filled, prosperous 2019!!

Enjoy this day! ~Lynn

A few things from the New Year:

I started the year with 2-dozen roses from Jason.
Sorting gorgeous cigar labels for ephemera packs being listed today.

Tour of Henny Penny’s Sewing Room

Good morning!  I’m just hopeless, I suppose, at keeping up with this blog lately.  Excuses, excuses!!  But let me tell you, retiring from somewhere is busy.  Whew!  Yes, I left my position at the hospital where I have worked for the last 10 years.  I am changing course, not quite midstream, as I am getting close to what I feel is my “real” retirement age; however, I am making big changes at a time when I did not expect to do so.   There has been a lot of paperwork.  A lot of emotion from this change has got me cleaning house, purging possessions that I am sick of moving around (pretty soon I will be down to not much of anything except paper goods for A Bit of Birdsong, my guitar, and necessities), and looking for something new to do for a job.

Anyway, I saw my sweet mama over the weekend.  In case any of you are not aware, her blog is called Henny Penny Lane.  It’s a wonderful blog!  I asked her if I could make a video of her lovely sewing room.  I thought you all might like it!


Below is the sweet picture my mom included in her recent post about this same video. This is me and my sister from a few years ago. I was happy to see this picture again! I love it so!

Thank you for stopping in! Thank you all for the comments about my sweet children and my getting to see them. They sure make my heart sing!!

Enjoy this day,

Journaling on…

It’s Saturday! Just wanted to drop in and say hello and good morning. I am sure the day will fly! I am busy working in my Etsy shop today. I love working with old papers. When I had the retail shop, Sidetracked, I realized again how much I love old books and paper. Anyway, all this paper makes me so happy.

Here are a few pictures, old and new, for you to enjoy. I am loving looking back on old pictures. My children and I are all healing from everything we’ve been through. (It takes a long time.)  I love my babies so much, and to me they will always be my babies! I am the only one, actually, who can get away with calling my big man Daniel, “Pooh Bear.” You know he loves it.

But, uh, does he look like a Pooh Bear?

This man loves to fish!

As a side note, and this may break your heart like it broke mine, the beautiful old house where I raised my babies, it was so neglected during the 7 years after I left, it had to be destroyed by the new owners. There is a new house where the old one was. I won’t go into details, of course, because the high road is a safe place to walk, but suffice it to say that the house is a pretty good picture of the way the kids and I were cared for, in my humble opinion. I take from that place the wonderful memories of holding and rocking babies, rope swings, a glorious cottage garden that drew neighbors and strangers in, and lots of cooking, some tears, lots of prayers, and finally release.

On to other news…

Fairy garden.

Always try to have a little fairy dust in your life, including a tiny black cat in a tiny blue chair amid ferns and foliage.

Back in the day; sweet old living room.

Oh, remind me to tell you a ghost story about the old house! It is actually quite amazing.

Enjoy this day!