Run, Forrest, Run

My coworker and I pick on each other with that phrase: Run, Forest, Run!

My oh my, life is busy!  My job has changed dramatically of late. I am very happy to always be learning new things and to continue to work for a great institution until retirement. I love clothes, so choosing outfits for work each day is a joy to me. On the other hand, it’s hard to adjust to change. Suffice it to say that “Ms. Ellie” and I are on the road a lot each week.

Meanwhile, life while off the clock is full of fun, beautiful things!

My dearest Jason and I both enjoy working on our family trees. We’ve been visiting cemeteries and spending lots of time on
I fell in love with this artist’s trading card. It sold as soon as I put it in the shop.
Credit where credit is due. The artist.
Tomatoes from the garden complement eggs and Bass Farm sausage. Best sausage ever besides fresh.
Jason and Stan Lewis play The Roost at Fearrington Village

Today has been a day of just working outside and planning a few days of outings since I have some time off.

Enjoy this day! It won’t be back again!

Popcorn Is My Therapy and Vladimir My Entertainment

Let’s face it. I talk about Vladimir more than I do Lucy, but I love Lucy just as much as I love Vladimir. Lucy is quieter. She is shy. She likes to sleep UNDER the couch. Vladimir RULES the couch. Lucy does not eat as much. She’s a big 12 pounds. But Vladimir… Uh… He is about 16 or 17 pounds. He was 16 at last visit, but he feels heavier to me now. Think you’ll put him on a diet? He will claw the carpet up outside the closed bedroom doors until he gets a few more kibbles. I’m telling you, he is pretty much in charge.

Vlad sits atop the cat tower, scoping things out.
When I come near, Vlad takes notice.
Vlad grabs the back of my head with one paw and bites my hair. Maybe this is love?
Air-popped popcorn with real butter and salt.

Anyone who knows me knows that there are a few things I LOVE! Coffee. Popcorn. Slaw. Yes. Not necessarily in that order. I have been enjoying a bowl of air-popped popcorn every afternoon. I try not to put too much butter, but with real butter and salt, oh my goodness, what a yummy snack.

Here I go, running into the weekend. I have several new items to take to the shop this evening. I am preparing for tomorrow when the shop will be open all day. I have a few projects to work on this evening: an art book, some jewelry items. Jason and I have some rehearsing to do as well.

Do you have favorite snacks or drinks?

Enjoy this day!