North Carolina Snow and Walking the Dogs

Well, the weathermen were right about snow…in some areas of North Carolina!  This was one of those storms that dropped nearly a foot of snow in some places, but then not far away only dropped rain.  There are some frustrated NC residents, folks who bought sleds and milk and bread, but then only got rain.  We got about half a foot of snow around here, maybe a little more.  It ended up being a mix of sleet and snow.  It sure is pretty, but baby it’s cold outside!

A friend of ours is snowed in as a nurse where she works. We agreed to walk her dogs for her. We sent her some sweet pictures to let her know that her babies are happy and cared for!

Bailey is white. Little Guy is black. They have their bright Christmas sweaters on and are ready to go see the fluffy white stuff!

Once outside, they did their business and ran for home! Did not take long for their little paws to get cold! I do think they enjoyed it, though! They jumped through the deep snow and ran ahead, making us run to keep up with them.

In other news, something very, very sweet, I know you remember that Michaela and I were raising bunnies, way back when, at the old house. It is heartbreaking to give away animals. It is heartbreaking to see what it does to your children. Some of the families in our homeschooling group adopted our bunnies when I left the old house. Three or four of them took a bunny apiece. One family that I had only known from the internet took several of them.  I am happy to report that we keep up with two of the bunnies. Sadly, Basil is gone now, but he was loved and well cared for the duration of his life. Anyway, check this out! Below you will see Gingersnap, the bun-bun that was born with somewhat splayed legs, a deformity that bunnies can have. Can you believe that Gingersnap is now a spoiled indoor bun-bun who lives and sleeps with a beagle, and runs and jumps in the snow? Be still my heart.

Yes, this is Michaela’s little Gingersnap, now cared for by owners who have a wonderful loving home. It warmed my heart to see this.  Gingersnap looks to be doing pretty good with his hind legs.  It was not as bad a deformity as it could have been, but he always did hop a little funny and slow.

That is all for now, but stay tuned for snow photos! Enjoy this day!


Puzzle Pieces: Working Through Divorce

Sometimes life feels like a puzzle.

And actually somtimes you just need a puzzle.

I’ve been trying to keep the apartment quiet, clean and relaxing. I want us to do quiet, healing things.

Who can resist a puzzle?  I set one up on the card table, now that the card table is free (thanks to the new farm table from Goodwill).  We don’t work on the puzzle all the time, obviously, but sometimes the puzzle just calls out and it’s fun to sit down and find where a piece or two goes.

I wanted a sideboard for the wall that seemed so bare.  I still want a sideboard, and when I spot the one for me, I’ll know! It’ll have those celestial beams dancing all around it!    In the meantime, I was tired of that wall being bare and stuff sitting on the floor in front of it. But I cannot afford to buy furniture unless it’s the right price on the right day. Then I remembered a dresser sitting unused at “the old house.”  I hauled it to the apartment. I cleaned it up and put it in my bedroom.  Then the white dresser that had been in my bedroom was moved into our little dining area to be my sideboard.   A large scarf dresses it up.  It’s filled right now with all the makings of school scrapbooks for all the children.  I am nearly done with all scrapbooks for all children for all years. Just think! Only a few more to do.  By then maybe I’ll have found my sideboard and I can purge more books from the bookshelf and put the completed school scrapbooks in the big bookshelf. Then the sideboard can hold sideboard stuff (whatever that might be).

I went to The Little Wild Garden today.  One word.  Roses.  I could not resist picking some flowers.  The garden is full of them this year.  My beloved little garden. I know roses need water, but I tried not to cry on them. I’ll leave the watering to the rain. I picked with joy. I know that Edna St. Vincent Millay was glad under the sun and touched a hundred flowers and did not pick one, but I had no such restraint.

I rather like my flowers in the oatmeal container. I feel like I went down from the highlands to visit an English garden and all I had was my Irish oatmeal container to put them in. Cool.

I must run. My girl needs the computer for a school project.

Enjoy each day!


Goodbye, Hello

Let’s just say that my life lately has been a steady stream of old doors closing and new doors opening.  It’s something I totally did not expect.  Two months ago, if anyone had asked me…

Well, let’s leave it at that.

Sunday afternoon I met with some of the moms from the homeschool group that Michaela and I have been involved with for the past going on three years.

I could not bear to call it a goodbye.  Not really.  As Tigger would say, TTFN.  It’s only a Ta Ta For Now.  But in truth, even though Michaela and I have an open invitation to join the group for outings. life for us has changed and has gotten busy in ways that will make it unlikely that we’ll be able to drop in, even though we want to.  Still, the door’s open.  The door’s open.  So some doors haven’t closed all the way.

Can we talk farm tables now?  I always wanted one.  I remember (was it the late 80s?) when they suddenly became popular.  In white and wood?  In dark green and wood?  I wanted one SOOOOOO badly.  I never did get one.  Oh, there are several reasons.  Anyway, for the apartment I needed a table.  I’ve been looking, but you know tables are expensive.  Uh huh.

Today, though, a seldom-seen-but-still-beloved-and-in-my-heart Goodwill in Raleigh whispered screamed out my name as I drove by.  I wheeled in.  There, with celestial light beams dancing around it, was a farm table.  Okay, so I made up the part about the celestial light beams, but it was a farm table!  A real live, honest to goodness farm table.  It had three chairs with it.  Only three chairs.  But that’s okay!  In fact, that’s perfect, because I like to mix up chairs and I already had four chairs at the apartment.

Gasp!  The table did not have a price tag on it.  Thoughts raced through my mind.  Someone has already pulled the tag off and plans to buy it.  My eyes scanned the store, looking for my nemesis.  Everyone looked relatively innocent, though it could have been the older lady in the blue hat.  I eyed her suspiciously.

Maybe the tag had simply fallen off.  I calmly strolled power-walked up to the counter to ask.

“Oh, I just have not had time to price that table,” the cashier said.  “It’s 29.99.”

“I’ll take it!”  Right then and there, I knew I had to somehow get that table and chairs in my van even if I had to take the seats out and leave them in the Goodwill parking lot.  But I did not have to do that.  The table fit in easily and I brought it safely home.

She has a few dings, but boy is she sturdy!  I was amazed at how sturdy!  I like the green color.  I imagine myself in the 80s with my new farm table (and fewer wrinkles) and I am happy.

Enjoy this day.