What A Fortnight!

My Dear Friends,

Is there a list of horrible bloggers? Am I at the top of that list? Oh my! I say I am going to do better and then I disappear off the face of the earth, or so it would seem.

I am trying to decide which little ‘shroom face will most [...]

The Peasant

While we were studying the Renaissance by way of The Clown of God,

we reviewed society as it existed during the Middle Ages and the Renaissance.

The Peasant by Michaela

Dark cloud overhead. Looks like rain. Tiny hut. Drab costume. Flies swarming around. A pile of animal poo close by. If you [...]

The Clown of God — Family Event

Well, yours truly is on her way to juggling! I’m not proficient by any means, but I can keep two balls in the air with one hand, and three balls with two hands–sometimes even for seconds at a time!

Here I am at my juggling table, trying.

Our Five In a Row [...]

Writing Stories to Music

In looking for activities to go with The Clown of God,

I came across a very cute website page with stories done by children while they listened to music.

First Grade Music Explorers.


PS — I don’t think we ever get too old to draw and write while we listen to music.


The Orphan Train

As I prepare for our next co-op, which will be centered around a book called The Clown of God,

I am learning about the orphan trains of the 19th and early 20th centuries in the US. This video explains basically and clearly what the orphan train was all about. The subject of the orphan [...]

Week 3 and Week 4 In Review

As promised, here’s a review of recent lessons. These were documented for weeks 3 and 4 of this school year. I feel like we do so much more! All during the week, we have “educational moments” but they don’t always end up in the planner because they are spontaneous, then I don’t necessarily remember what [...]

The Planner

First of all, in my series of posts about our school plans, has to come the planner. It hasn’t been long since I went back to carrying a large purse/planner because I just love having everything with me, all the time.

I have SO enjoyed working with my planner and getting it just right. [...]

Fairies and Friends

Yes, it’s the fairies and friends post! (Whatever that is.)

Into the shop this morning went a new brooch pin, adorned with an image from Edmund Dulac. It’s from a fairy print, of course.

There. We have the fairy part of this post covered.

For the friends part, I know I’ve not [...]

Few’s Ford on the Eno River

Yesterday was one of our last co-ops of the school year, and boy was it great!! It was so much fun for the children (and the moms), and the lessons were done so brilliantly, I don’t think even the oldest kids thought of it as “school.” Still, even I was learning about our waterways as [...]

The Harvest

My Dear Readers,

I’m so sorry I never posted yesterday! I was supposed to post about school stuff: where we are, how I am going to finish up the year… Then yesterday went crazy, as work days are likely to do, and I never posted, though I was thinking about it.

A reaping [...]