Five In A Row


Just the Neighborhood Snowmen

Dear Peeps, Once again I am running behind. Sheesh. Appointments have been the order of the day. I am longing for spring and looking forward to a garden spot. Seems, though, that the ice and snow won’t get back. Today was lovely weather-wise but icy weather is predicted again for tomorrow, I heard. I have been getting out and walking… Read more →

The Peasant

While we were studying the Renaissance by way of The Clown of God, we reviewed society as it existed during the Middle Ages and the Renaissance.  The Peasant by Michaela Dark cloud overhead.  Looks like rain.  Tiny hut.  Drab costume.  Flies swarming around.  A pile of animal poo close by.  If you could see them:  teeth in poor repair. Actually… Read more →

Week 3 and Week 4 In Review

As promised, here’s a review of recent lessons.  These were documented for weeks 3 and 4 of this school year.  I feel like we do so much more!  All during the week, we have “educational moments” but they don’t always end up in the planner because they are spontaneous, then I don’t necessarily remember what they were!   Week 3 Lessons in… Read more →

The Planner

First of all, in my series of posts about our school plans, has to come the planner.  It hasn’t been long since I went back to carrying a large purse/planner because I just love having everything with me, all the time. I have SO enjoyed working with my planner and getting it just right.  You know how often I’m in… Read more →