Five In A Row

We Cannot Escape History

“We cannot escape history,” is what Abraham Lincoln said, and as we listened to Aaron Copland’s Lincoln Portrait this morning, Michaela and I worked on our project of re-creating Lincoln’s birthplace for our homemade doll house collection. It is simply a cardboard box that we are coloring the logs and mud plaster onto.  We cut out the one door and one… Read more →


Light Lessons

Since I’m recovering from the effects of a non-working thyroid, which has probably been building over a year’s time, I don’t want to add any more stress to my life than necessary. For writing, Michaela will keep a journal about her new puppy, Annie. For reading, I am definitely following the Ambleside Year 5 lessons and just calmly going with our own… Read more →

Grade 5 End-Of-Year Keepsake Notebook

For the record, I am a notebooking, journaling, scrapbooking person.  I love notebooks.  I have a notebook of all my computer work.  I have a notebook for all my medical transcription knowledge gleaned through the years. I have my new (much loved, I might add) Charlotte Mason notebook. I have my home notebook. I have a notebook of mosaic birdbath ideas. You… Read more →

John Hope Franklin

Hope.  What a name.  And fitting.  I listened to Dick Gordon’s The Story yesterday, an interview with John Hope Franklin.  Dr. Franklin had some serious, important stories to tell.   Look and listen here.  Dr. Franklin died two days ago, March 25, 2009. Some of the stories Dr. Franklin told involve racial hatred, Dr. Franklin having been a victim of that even as… Read more →

Renaissance Study

It seems our study of Rome, Italy, has flowed nicely into a fine study of the Renaissance.  I think Princess of the Universe is enjoying it.  I know I’m enjoying it, especially since I purchased a laminator.  (You know you’re a homeschool mom when you spend your mad money on things like Velcro rounds, laminators and cardstock.)  Using the laminator for… Read more →