Happy New Year!! (Are New Year’s Resolutions Necessary?)

Of course, it’s not necessary to have a New Year’s resolution, but I love the thought of a clean slate.  It’s why I love the thought of every day being new, and with the power of prayer and love from God, we are given the opportunity to keep trying and to do a better job each day.

Beautiful 1911 New Year’s postcard.
New Year Greetings Victorian postcard.
FROM: “New Years Greetings. Margaret. 113 1st Street” TO: “Miss Zoe Turner. Lundington, Mich”

I have a thing for old papers and postcards. I cannot just look at one and be done with it. I’m always drawn into looking up the names. I found a census with Zoe Turner, indeed in Mason County, Michigan, which is where Ludington is. Now, I realize it may not be the same Zoe, but this “miss” Zoe, born in 1896, would have been 13 the year this postcard was sent; and with the pretty girl on the postcard, I bet the card went to a young miss. Be still my heart. To think of those old times, it does something to me. I love the long dresses. I love the chivalry, the hard work, how close people were to plants and nature, and yet I am so thankful for the progress and privilege we have now.

I actually began this post yesterday, the 1st, but I did not get to finish before Jason and I went to an open house for a couple we think so much of! He’s a fellow guitar player; she’s a great friend.  They married this past summer and wanted all their friends to see the home they have created together.  It was stunning!  Not huge or extravagant, but a beautiful, clean, fresh, organized picture of the two of them together now.  This was hers, that was his, they picked this together, she picked out that, he picked out this…  You get the picture.  You could feel the love and respect in that relationship.

The night before that, New Year’s Eve, Jason played in Clayton at a place called Manning’s where the food is fabulous! And the music’s not bad either!

Tornado Blues Band, 12/13/2016

I decided to do my hair in some curls for the open house. For New Year’s Eve, I had my hair in a messy up-do, but there had to have been a bobby pin out of place. On the hour-long drive there, I began to have that bobby-pin-pressing-on-my-skull headache. I knew there was no way I could stand it for 7 hours. Down the hair went. At that point, my hair was a hairspray-infiltrated crinkly mess, but it seemed to work out okay.

Curling iron curls.

Getting back to resolutions, I have made a few. Nothing major or sweeping, but:
1 — To not carry the weight of the world on my shoulders, the weight of thinking I am responsible for every bad thing that happened to me and my precious children over the past few years.
2 — To count my blessings every day, and there are so many! Focus on the positive!
3 — To never lose sight of the importance of time in prayer.
4 — To live in confidence and not in fear.

Okay. I am off to work in the dining room. I bought a baker’s rack the other day at Goodwill, and I am so excited for what it is going to do to improve storage issues!  I will share pics when done.

Enjoy this day!

My Sweet Old 100-year-old House and Garden

Going through more pictures.  Oh my goodness, the reality check of looking at a photo that captured a moment in time!  A moment to never be had again.  I loved my old house.  I have nearly a quarter century of memories from that sweet little parcel of land.  It will always have part of my spirit there.  Anyway, in going through some photos today, I thought I’d share some pictures that touched my heart.

Lots of meals for six were cooked in this kitchen

Joe and I work in the old kitchen


Oreo cools off in the shade on the brick steps

Some lovely old flower from a family member’s garden. Maybe I can manage to get another cutting.
Red rose against the old brick foundation
Getting water from the barrel for the goldfish pond


A large bug on a mosaic stepping stone.
A little nook under the stairs held a specially purchased antique cabinet (had to find one that would fit) and a hat rack for scarves and hats.


Wild senna grows up around the steps.

I no longer cry over the old house and over what might have been.  It’s just pointless.  There is a job for me to do now, to be a good role model for my children, to live with thankfulness and joy.  To protect myself, for myself and my children and grandchildren.  I have so much happiness now, and while it is not a selfish happiness in the “me, me, me” sense, it is a happiness that has come from me taking care of myself and listening to my heart.  I have areas of creativity in my life now that are nurtured.  I feel very fulfilled.  Some of those creative processes, like painting, wanting to play music, working with clay: they started as a way to stay sane back in the darkest, last years in that house.  I realized that I needed art and music.  Those areas continue to grow, and I have realized that it is not wrong to protect myself from abusive and controlling people.

Every day is a gift from God.  We are not promised anything beyond the moment.  What we do in each moment has a huge effect on our future and on others who look to us.  I am very thankful for a forgiving God who moved me from a very dark place, and for a forgiving God who saw me at my weakest and most vulnerable and still loves me.

Recently I made an art book about cats.  It was so amazing!  It sold pretty quickly from the shop.  I am in the process now of making another for myself.  I plan to keep it out where we can enjoy it and where our visitors can enjoy it.

Beginning an art book.


So that is where I’m at today.  I think the healing process will last the rest of my life, but I am okay with that.  Some of the darkest storms have led to the most beautiful rainbows and brightest skies!

Enjoy this day!




Big Ol’ Hair

I love big hair.  I do.  If I could just wear this, I would.   But I can’t.  It has to be somewhat controlled.  I guess.


Have you ever heard of Imogen Heap? Aside from her amazing voice and musical talent, her hair is shockingly wonderful and awesome. Mama, are you reading this? (pics from Pinterest)










I might do some experimenting with big messy hair. (Yes, even more experimenting than before.)







In the meantime, this is the biggest my hair will likely get today.


I don’t know.

If it gets any bigger today, I will take a picture and show you. It could get bigger. It could.

Enjoy this day!  And the following video.  It is a work of art.