Jamming with Friends

I have always wondered what it would be like to get together with a bunch of friends and just jam.  Well, I found out over the weekend.  It was the first of hopefully-many-more-to-come jam sessions.  Eight of us got together to play, sing, and just learn more about music.

Playing my beloved Martin. The Guild is in the shop currently having the frets worked on, the nut repaired, and basically just being set up to ring and sing even better than she does now.

In my apartment, there is this narrow end of a partition wall where some cool old photos and what-nots hang. I was admiring them today, and I thought you might want to see.

Cat’s view.
Old frame with old photo.
Roses. That’s all.
Check out that hat! I love the heart on the frame.
I love cherubs and angels.
Princess of the Universe.

Happy Tuesday to everyone!

My Orchid Blooms Again

I have watered it exactly as directed: two little plastic cups full, once a week.  It has been sitting in a conditioned space (my sweet shop) in a bright window all throughout the past year.  And guess what!

The orchid Jason bought for me is blooming again. I have never kept an orchid this long, so I really didn’t even know if it would bloom a second time. How sweet!

In guitar news, we did manage to see that amazing performer I alluded to last week. Tommy Emmanuel. He has done a TED talk that will explain a bit about how he plays guitar and how he thinks of music. It was an amazing show! I just cannot even say in words how inspiring he was.  His opening act, Joe Robinson was great for sure, and the light show during Tommy Emmanuel’s music was phenomenal.

Seeing someone so amazing can inspire you greatly, or it can make you timid about ever picking up your guitar again!  We decided to keep on trying!

Enjoy this day!


I think this qualifies as a gig…

Guess what!  I played out live with Jason on Valentine’s night where lots of people were out to eat.  I was nervous and happy all at the same time.  I think things went well!  The whole night, Jason had my back.  It was such an awesome learning experience!  It helps me to know that I can go further with my music.

Grainy, I know, but wanted to share my outfit for a Valentine’s Day gig. You know how I love layers of lace and girliness!
After the gig.

I played and sang (or helped sing) about 10 songs.  There were a lot of people there, but we really didn’t know anyone in the crowd, so there was no one from whom we could get any video or photos from the evening.  I had to settle for a few after-gig photos.

In other news, Mars and Amelia sit around looking like they belong on an album cover. Amelia actually does play fiddle, and Mars plays keyboard, so they probably have a secret band as part of their Meowfia activities. It would not surprise me at all to find out Vlad and Lucy are in the band as well.

Garden-wise, I am loving the little signs of spring here and there. It is so exciting to think about planting and playing outside!

And…I am house hunting! That is an exciting endeavor for sure.  The possibilities are endless. As long as I stay within my budget, that is. But that seems easy enough to do. I just need to be patient and be true to what I really want. Maybe I need to figure out what I really want as far as a permanent home!

Stay tuned for some Vladimir and Lucy tales.

Enjoy this day!

Meeting Doyle Bramhall II, and the Many Faces of Vlad

All I could say was, “that was awesome.”  He kindly said, “thank you.”  And he was awesome.  It was.  His band was.  Jason took me to see Doyle Bramhall II at Motorco in Durham the other night.  It was an unexpected surprise.  Jason has his CDs, listens to his music regularly, so I get to enjoy it as well, but I was not expecting to go see him play.  I stay so busy, my mind clears out every few seconds it seems and I can hardly keep up with my own name.  I do remember when we realized Doyle Bramhall was going to be in town; but I am so glad that Jason actually kept up with it and put it on the calendar.  It was such an experience to hear him play in person.  DB2 has such a presence, both in how he presents himself as a person and, ohmygosh, in how he plays.  He is left-handed and plays with his guitar flipped for a left-handed player but strung for a right-handed player, with the low E string on the bottom.  I was amazed.

He was so kind to speak with his fans after the show. He signed the CD I bought. I am happy to say that it has been playing as I drive around in Ms. Ellie. I love his song Mama Can’t Help You.  (This song has such a groove.  I love the sentiment, the sound.  Beware my readers with tender ears, it has one bad word.)

In other news, Vladimir continues to be extremely important. If I nap, he gets close by in a large basket and watches out for me.

He gets up on his high perch on the cat tower and shows off that cute pink spot on his lower lip.

He is not afraid to spread out on his back in the middle of the floor.  All 16+ pounds of him. I would think this means great trust on his part. Or maybe he is fearless!  He sometimes even closes his eyes and naps this way.

When I talk to Vlad about being careful, he just stretches.

Sometimes Vlad gets on the refrigerator.

When I tell him that is not a kitty place, he just ignores me and acts like the refrigerator (and the kitchen!) is totally a kitty place.

Did you say something?

Lucy is quiet, but believe me she has her own importance going on. We shall talk about her soon. Right now she is sleeping and not to be disturbed.

Much to do yet today. More practice with Mr. Jason Barker. (I want to play like Jason when I grow up.) I need to stop by the shop this evening to prepare some things for Saturday. I have some studying to do.  I know the evening will fly quickly away.

Enjoy this day!


My Christmas Toy: Page Turner Butterfly Pedal

Hey there, and thanks for stopping in! I guess I am officially into music and guitar mode when all I want for Christmas is something to help me play better.  Actually, this gift was a surprise to me from Jason, but I could not have been more excited. It is the PageFlip Butterfly Bluetooth Page Turner Pedal. (affiliate link)

This pedal will let you scroll to the bottom of a page on your android or iPad or tablet, or whatever you have it paired to.  It will let you flip to the next song.  It is great for hands-free page turning.  Ever try to scroll while singing and thinking and holding your guitar with both hands while making chords and strumming?  Yeah, this pedal is great!

We paired it with my iPad (where my music is) last night and tried it out for the first time. The Butterfly is a brand new model.  We are learning all we can and will share information about it.  Jason has the Cicada version.  Look for more posts here about music, recording, and video technology.  I realize everyone is not interested in it, but some are.

Amelia rests.
A view of sunset from the Breeze 4K drone.

Here we are heading into Friday evening. I look forward to being in my shop tomorrow. It is cold outside here, so it’s all I can do to even think about gardening or getting outside today. But my mind keeps spinning pretty webs around pictures in my mind, wrapping them up to remember what I want to do this spring.  I am so thankful for today!  Each and every day is a gift.

I hope everyone has an awesome Friday and Saturday!

Enjoy this day!