Art is life, life is art.

I guess I have always been an artist. I guess that’s who I am at heart. Somehow maybe my art had to hide for a lot of my life because I was afraid that I could not lead an artistic life. While I always felt encouraged by my mother, I don’t think I ever believed growing up that someone could truly be an artist. I mean, I knew that someone made art, but I never considered that it was actual, normal, average people with either talent or drive or both.

Then I married into a repressive situation where truly NOTHING was doable. Many things I thought would be wise or fun or healthy or educational or viable were deemed impossible by my mate. They were said to be things that people did in magazines or whatever, and they were often stupid things.

These days I live such an artistic life, it feels odd to NOT be doing something expressive. I feel like I am where I should have been all along.

Maybe instead of “Art is life, life is art,” I should say “Art is MY life, MY life is art. “


Art and a Pink Mushroom

Good morning, dear friends. I have had a little time this morning to sit down and make some adjustments to my blog. In the sidebar is a link to my shop / art site, A Bit of Birdsong. My business is growing and I love so much being able to work as an artist. Of course, that is in addition to my current “real” job in reuse retail and merchandising.

Reuse! What a great word and concept. Keeping things out of the landfill and giving artists valuable materials to work with! Things like metal scraps, wood, fabric and more. I love being a part of this wonderful movement!

Original watercolor painting.

Last night — well all day actually — I did not feel well. I felt like I might get dizzy if I moved around too quickly. So I rested on the couch for lots of the evening. While resting, I painted a pink mushroom to satisfy the urge for something botanical and magical. The digital file is available for purchase in my Etsy shop, and I am currently working to get digital files listed on my personal shop website.

To those of you stopping by to read the blog, thank you so much! Until next time…

Enjoy this day!


Completed December Daily journal!

Oh my goodness, it’s complete! On December 31st, I finished a month-long project to journal every day in a journal that I created especially for December 2018.

Many journal-keepers on YouTube do what is called a “December daily” where they journal and/or video daily. I did not quite get a video uploaded every day. Many days I did, but work and life got in the way some days.

That said, I thought you might enjoy seeing the video of this huge, beautiful, work-of-art journal. I have LOVED working in this!

I wish all of you a very wonderful, HAPPY 2019, full of prosperity and love and hope, and all that good stuff!!

Enjoy this day! xxLynn