North Carolina Snow and Walking the Dogs

Well, the weathermen were right about snow…in some areas of North Carolina!  This was one of those storms that dropped nearly a foot of snow in some places, but then not far away only dropped rain.  There are some frustrated NC residents, folks who bought sleds and milk and bread, but then only got rain.  We got about half a foot of snow around here, maybe a little more.  It ended up being a mix of sleet and snow.  It sure is pretty, but baby it’s cold outside!

A friend of ours is snowed in as a nurse where she works. We agreed to walk her dogs for her. We sent her some sweet pictures to let her know that her babies are happy and cared for!

Bailey is white. Little Guy is black. They have their bright Christmas sweaters on and are ready to go see the fluffy white stuff!

Once outside, they did their business and ran for home! Did not take long for their little paws to get cold! I do think they enjoyed it, though! They jumped through the deep snow and ran ahead, making us run to keep up with them.

In other news, something very, very sweet, I know you remember that Michaela and I were raising bunnies, way back when, at the old house. It is heartbreaking to give away animals. It is heartbreaking to see what it does to your children. Some of the families in our homeschooling group adopted our bunnies when I left the old house. Three or four of them took a bunny apiece. One family that I had only known from the internet took several of them.  I am happy to report that we keep up with two of the bunnies. Sadly, Basil is gone now, but he was loved and well cared for the duration of his life. Anyway, check this out! Below you will see Gingersnap, the bun-bun that was born with somewhat splayed legs, a deformity that bunnies can have. Can you believe that Gingersnap is now a spoiled indoor bun-bun who lives and sleeps with a beagle, and runs and jumps in the snow? Be still my heart.

Yes, this is Michaela’s little Gingersnap, now cared for by owners who have a wonderful loving home. It warmed my heart to see this.  Gingersnap looks to be doing pretty good with his hind legs.  It was not as bad a deformity as it could have been, but he always did hop a little funny and slow.

That is all for now, but stay tuned for snow photos! Enjoy this day!


Good Results

I had a medical test today, routine, and got good results, so I am so happy about that.  I am drawn to many things about the past or old way of life, but it sure is nice to have our current medical care that allows us to screen for things that have killed others (unnecessarily) at an early age.  Colon cancer comes to mind.  My mother lost her sweet brother way too young; I lost an uncle.  Anyway, I am counting my blessings today for good results.  You can probably guess I had a colonoscopy.

After we left the medical facility, I was told to name wherever I wanted to go to eat my first meal in 36 hours.  No problem.  Foster’s Market!  OMGOSH!  I had a Jammin’ Turkey sandwich on gluten-free bread, hot coffee WITH cream and sugar, and a bag of sour cream and chives potato chips.  OMGOSH (yes, I am saying that again!) it was so good!  I felt like a Survivor contestant who had won a rewards challenge!  I could actually only hold half of the sandwich, but the other half was heartily consumed later, after a nap.

Jammin’ Turkey Breast:  herb roasted turkey breast, Foster’s own Seven Pepper Jelly, thinly sliced red onions, herb cream cheese and romaine on sourdough $7.50


In other news, Mars has a new album out.  This is his third album. 

This album was heavily influenced by Mars’ love of traditional Swiss music, but he wanted to infuse it with modern electronica and some synthesizer effects. It has been well received I’m told.

I guess I have found my place to take fashion photos.  I know some of you out there think fashion photos are ridiculous, or at least I think I have gathered that, but to me it is fun!  It is an art form, and I realize a great frivolity in some ways, to be able to use clothes to express our feelings.  I never take for granted that I have what I need; I don’t forget that some people don’t have what they need.  I have never spent a lot on clothes in general, but I do not mind paying appropriately and a lot (what is due) for handcrafted things, if you know what I mean.

Pink Rose sweater dress (thrifted); Christopher & Banks cardigan (from my sister); Target tights (new); Merona boots (new).
Pretty blue pot sits on the potting bench, waiting for spring.
Used an app to get a sketch effect. Anyone see the eyes watching over me from the trees? Or the fierce dog face in my hair?

That’s all for now. I am truly enjoying getting back to blogging and having hosted space. Another form of expression that some think is a waste of time. I guess it depends on what it does for the author and what it does for the readers.

Oh, I have added a new page.  The link is in the sidebar:  Artist’s Book: Coffee Table Cat Book

Enjoy this day!

The Constancy of Change

One thing we can always count on: change.  I am always aware that I am hoping for good change.  Life can bring about slow change or quick change, bitter change or sweet change.  Thankfully, I think most days for many of us are filled with subtle, pleasant day-to-day life changes of things like new clothes or furniture, decluttering to make room again, seeing old buildings come down or get revitalized, trying a different restaurant, slowly aging, and so on.

I mentioned getting a new (to me) baker’s rack for our dining room, and when I say “our,” it usually means with Jason, at his home.  We spend a lot of time cooking together or playing music.  My apartment is tiny and is only a transitional spot for me right now.  I have been in transition since the day I walked away from my old house where my children grew up.  My children are all grown now.  The youngest are learning to make their own way.  I am divorced and healing from abuse and adoring the friendship and love of someone who makes me laugh every day.  So, yeah, I have reached a point where I am okay with dragging home one of my “finds” to Jason’s to organize a few things.

It is change.

When I took this picture I did not hide anything or try to make anything look perfect. I find that I am not really great at making everything look like a magazine. I always have a dash of utility thrown in. Actually the bottom shelf of this rack houses a huge bottle of vinegar and some kitty supplies. The framed Marilyn nearby is an extra from the shop that is just hanging around right now. She is waiting for change as well. I love a mix of the deliberate staging of decorative things and LIFE.

What better place for this framed kitty in a pot than behind a large stock pot?
We love hot sauce. My recently purchased ornament hangs from one corner of the shelf.
The framed rooster print is a recent gift.
I find that between the two of us, kitties and cats are everywhere. One goal this year is to work through my Somerset Studio magazines and actually do some things described within the pages!

We have had a sad change of late. A very sweet, very friendly neighborhood cat has had to be euthanized due to mast cell disease. Pouncy loved being outside, and especially loved sitting on cars or trucks in the ‘hood. Pouncy was pretty high up in the Meowfia around here, and there is a vacuum of a power struggle as the neighborhood cats try and put someone else in power. For sure, Amelia and Mars will miss Pouncy, though Amelia and Mars were only allowed to view Pouncy from the windows of their own indoor abode. Ahhhh, the limitations of being an indoor cat.

Enjoy this day,