A Bit of Vintage and Some Weekend Fun: Oyster Bake

Oh, Happy Monday! Right? And Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day! My favorite MLK quote:

If you can’t fly then run, if you can’t run then walk, if you can’t walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward.

Over the weekend, Jason and I were invited to an oyster bake.  What a fun and delicious time!  It was actually a little get-together to celebrate the life of Pouncy, the beloved neighborhood cat who recently had to be put down.   The neighborhood is full of cat and dog lovers.  As fate would have it, the owners of Pouncy were traveling during Pouncy’s acute flare which led to him being put down.  Several neighbors had been watching out for Pouncy during the owners’ time away, and they all came together to get Pouncy to the vet and take care of a sad situation.  That was the main reason for the celebration: so many had loved and cared for Pouncy.

I love the way this photo captures the darkness beyond the firelight and people shucking oysters by the light of an iPhone.  They were so good!  Shuck one, pour the contents into your mouth, repeat.  I am not a big oyster fan, generally speaking, but these were amazing.  You could taste the salt water!  And I guess just being outside and taking them right out of the coals.  Just awesome.

I also found some very nice vintage items over the weekend. One is an old tablecloth. Even though it had a couple of stains, I washed it and placed it folded across a tall storage cabinet. The bright flowers are staring at me when I look up from my desk.

I also found four amazing lamps! A couple of them need cleaning and harps, and they all need shades. A couple will probably go into the shop, but a couple will come home with me!

Well, Mars has a new album.
Amelia and Mars cozy up.
Gravel-punctured tire. Really?

I went into the weekend pretty tired but it all ended up being okay. After all the snow and ice finally melted, I went out to run some errands and had a flat tire. What are the chances of running over a piece of gravel that perfectly wedges in the tread and punctures the tire? And, wouldn’t you know? I had just purchased four new Dunlop tires for the Element five weeks ago. I had to drive on a spare for a day while they ordered a new one, and I got a good discount since it was so new. I had originally refused the roadside hazard warranty at 20 dollars a tire!  Maybe I should get it next time?

Enjoy this day!


The Constancy of Change

One thing we can always count on: change.  I am always aware that I am hoping for good change.  Life can bring about slow change or quick change, bitter change or sweet change.  Thankfully, I think most days for many of us are filled with subtle, pleasant day-to-day life changes of things like new clothes or furniture, decluttering to make room again, seeing old buildings come down or get revitalized, trying a different restaurant, slowly aging, and so on.

I mentioned getting a new (to me) baker’s rack for our dining room, and when I say “our,” it usually means with Jason, at his home.  We spend a lot of time cooking together or playing music.  My apartment is tiny and is only a transitional spot for me right now.  I have been in transition since the day I walked away from my old house where my children grew up.  My children are all grown now.  The youngest are learning to make their own way.  I am divorced and healing from abuse and adoring the friendship and love of someone who makes me laugh every day.  So, yeah, I have reached a point where I am okay with dragging home one of my “finds” to Jason’s to organize a few things.

It is change.

When I took this picture I did not hide anything or try to make anything look perfect. I find that I am not really great at making everything look like a magazine. I always have a dash of utility thrown in. Actually the bottom shelf of this rack houses a huge bottle of vinegar and some kitty supplies. The framed Marilyn nearby is an extra from the shop that is just hanging around right now. She is waiting for change as well. I love a mix of the deliberate staging of decorative things and LIFE.

What better place for this framed kitty in a pot than behind a large stock pot?
We love hot sauce. My recently purchased ornament hangs from one corner of the shelf.
The framed rooster print is a recent gift.
I find that between the two of us, kitties and cats are everywhere. One goal this year is to work through my Somerset Studio magazines and actually do some things described within the pages!

We have had a sad change of late. A very sweet, very friendly neighborhood cat has had to be euthanized due to mast cell disease. Pouncy loved being outside, and especially loved sitting on cars or trucks in the ‘hood. Pouncy was pretty high up in the Meowfia around here, and there is a vacuum of a power struggle as the neighborhood cats try and put someone else in power. For sure, Amelia and Mars will miss Pouncy, though Amelia and Mars were only allowed to view Pouncy from the windows of their own indoor abode. Ahhhh, the limitations of being an indoor cat.

Enjoy this day,

Storage Shelving: Wire Metal Bins

I was tired of stuff all over the kitchen table.  Then I saw it.  Jason and I were wandering around in World Market.  I fell in love with a shelf/storage unit, but was not sure I could use it as I wanted to.  He said, “take a picture of it so you can remember what it looks like when you get home.”  I did.

Wire shelf from World Market

Then I got home and I could not quit thinking about it. So I went back and bought it. I love it! I had to relocate just one painting (guitar painting, of course) on the wall, but it is perfect. It offers a lot of storage.

Wire shelf full of stuff!

One bin is full of coffee. Others hold tea bags. One has dish towels. Another has chocolate. Again, I love it. It was well worth the price of 129 dollars. I can see this lasting for a long time and being useful anywhere! It can be used as a hanging storage unit as well.

Metal storage bin at World Market (this is not an affiliate link)

Enjoy this day!

The Altered Duvet Cover

Symbolic?  Perhaps.  It could easily represent the splitting up of a marriage, but we are not going to look at it that way.  No.  We really are not.  However, the symbolism was not lost on me as I cut up a duvet cover over the weekend and made curtains for my large office widow.

I had been wondering what to do about curtains.  The blinds are nice, I guess.  They get pulled up each morning, let down around noon but set to let in light, closed completely when the sun is the hottest, pulled back up when dusk arrives, then closed at darkness. I wanted something pretty from the inside and the outside.  Something billowly, with color, but also something that would let in light.

Not enough money.  No.  I scoured the thrift stores.  Nothing big enough.  Not enough that matched.  Tuesday Morning had discounted draperies, but still too much.  Still too much.  Then I remembered a duvet cover going to waste back at the old house.  It has been folded up, waiting.

I remembered the tabs for tying the cover closed.  “Perfect for curtains!“

I love the look of them.  Sort of shabby. Sort of country.  A bit English countryside.  Maybe?  Be still my heart.

Anyway, I walked outside to take a look, and when closed, they look like a stained glass window.  Oh my.  Perfect.

I’d much rather pull a curtain panel than lift blinds all day.  Besides, who doesn’t like a stained glass window?

So there you have it!  An idea for your old duvet covers.
Expect a new name for our apartment cottage soon.  We cannot be going around without a name, and Sage Bunny Cottage just doesn’t work anymore.  But I have an idea in mind.   Or maybe two.

Must run.  Lots to do.  Working today, enjoying my billowy new curtains.  Enjoying the soreness of muscles that worked out at the gym last night!  Yes I did!!  Michaela made me do it, and I am so grateful to that little gem of a girl.  We’ll be going (hopefully, fingers crossed, stick a needle in my eye), every day.

Enjoy this day!