Songwriting for Healing and More

More old photos…

I sure remember tea parties and homeschooling with this sweet crew!

I remember baking with this little munchkin!

Those photos were taken in the summer of 2008! My, how times flies. Now they are all out working and independent. It is just hard to believe! Their oldest brother is not pictured here. He was already out working at that time.  I continue to take my very emotional but necessary trip down memory lane by way of photo organization.


Music is such a part of my life. I find the more I listen, the more I want to listen. I’ve always loved writing, so songwriting seems a natural part of the healing process, or at least it has been for me. I would love to share another one of my original songs soon. Maybe Jason and I can record it and share it by way of a YouTube video. I think you might like it. I like it a lot, but perhaps it is because I relate to the words and the reasons I wrote it.  Which takes us right back to the topic of songwriting and writing in general to help deal with tough emotions.  No wonder I journaled all those years!

Photo from a recent gig of Jason’s. I cheer them on!
Holding my new baby, 2009 Guild guitar.

I am absolutely loving my new (to me) Guild guitar. Oh my goodness, does she ever sound good! She inspires me to practice even more!  I am working on a set list that includes quite a few original songs.  The goal is to play out in public, for money, next year.  Not that it is about the money, but if you don’t book gigs, you don’t really play, and getting paid is usually part of the process.  Even if it is just a hat laid out for tips!

Heavier strings on this new guitar mean deeper calluses! My fingers are sore all over again!

Things I love these days…

A new lamp shade.
Amelia looking at me through the window. She is a plus-size model, a beautiful fluff ball!
Mars being his cheesy red self in front of the camera.
My current little spice rack, waiting for something a bit bigger, maybe older, and with style and character!

Update on the juicer…


I am still loving my Breville juicer. I like that it has fewer pieces than my old one. The pulp is contained in the same compartment as where the juice is actually spun out. I like that a lot. One less item to clean. The plastic, while sturdy, seems to me to be the type that might break if I dropped it from a decent height. I am not going to try that! So far I have been washing all pieces on the top rack in the dishwasher and they are doing great. Makes great juice and the pulp is DRY! Here is the link to the original post:

Enjoy this day!

My Sweet Old 100-year-old House and Garden

Going through more pictures.  Oh my goodness, the reality check of looking at a photo that captured a moment in time!  A moment to never be had again.  I loved my old house.  I have nearly a quarter century of memories from that sweet little parcel of land.  It will always have part of my spirit there.  Anyway, in going through some photos today, I thought I’d share some pictures that touched my heart.

Lots of meals for six were cooked in this kitchen

Joe and I work in the old kitchen


Oreo cools off in the shade on the brick steps

Some lovely old flower from a family member’s garden. Maybe I can manage to get another cutting.
Red rose against the old brick foundation
Getting water from the barrel for the goldfish pond


A large bug on a mosaic stepping stone.
A little nook under the stairs held a specially purchased antique cabinet (had to find one that would fit) and a hat rack for scarves and hats.


Wild senna grows up around the steps.

I no longer cry over the old house and over what might have been.  It’s just pointless.  There is a job for me to do now, to be a good role model for my children, to live with thankfulness and joy.  To protect myself, for myself and my children and grandchildren.  I have so much happiness now, and while it is not a selfish happiness in the “me, me, me” sense, it is a happiness that has come from me taking care of myself and listening to my heart.  I have areas of creativity in my life now that are nurtured.  I feel very fulfilled.  Some of those creative processes, like painting, wanting to play music, working with clay: they started as a way to stay sane back in the darkest, last years in that house.  I realized that I needed art and music.  Those areas continue to grow, and I have realized that it is not wrong to protect myself from abusive and controlling people.

Every day is a gift from God.  We are not promised anything beyond the moment.  What we do in each moment has a huge effect on our future and on others who look to us.  I am very thankful for a forgiving God who moved me from a very dark place, and for a forgiving God who saw me at my weakest and most vulnerable and still loves me.

Recently I made an art book about cats.  It was so amazing!  It sold pretty quickly from the shop.  I am in the process now of making another for myself.  I plan to keep it out where we can enjoy it and where our visitors can enjoy it.

Beginning an art book.


So that is where I’m at today.  I think the healing process will last the rest of my life, but I am okay with that.  Some of the darkest storms have led to the most beautiful rainbows and brightest skies!

Enjoy this day!




Our October — 2008

One of the arbors heavy with foliage and vines.
Oreo drinks from a small mosaic birdbath
Wild astors with obedient plant.
Monarch butterfly.
Garden path.
The plants are full right before fall.
Kittens were born in the garden.
Kittens were born in the garden.


pineapple sage
The mums seemed to go on for miles!
Oreo was our resident watch-cat.


Makin cheese toast with princess of the universe.
We went to the North Carolina State Fair.
We decorated with an autumn theme.