Cottage Industry

The Little Goat Girl

She lives down the lane and helps care for the goats. Only she’s not holding a goat yet!  I’ve not made a goat before.  How does one fashion a goat from clay?  Keeping trying, I say! She’s a tomboy for sure, and has the tiniest little…scrape?  Scar?  At the corner of her mouth.  Maybe from flying down the lane on… Read more →

Something To Look Forward To

This past Saturday was the second Saturday that I have set up with my mom at a local farmer’s market.   What that means for me is that I type 8 hours on Friday, which tends to be a long day.  As you know, housework, errands, mouths to feed, and child-related responsibilities don’t disappear just because I work!  So I usually end… Read more →

Lovely Wonder

I’ve been working on brooch pins, but there’s so much else going on, they have been slightly on the back burner.  This one, Whatsoever is Lovely, is in the shop. “Wonder,’ reminding me ever so much of Alice in Wonderland, is a keeper (not that I don’t want to keep them all).  She’s in my jewelry box.  They are both… Read more →

My Costume

I realized this morning that I misspoke miswrote yesterday about the time period represented at this craft show tomorrow.  It is mid- to late-1800s.  Just so you know.  I had said colonial. I realize I’ll be somewhat rebellious in my choice of costume by wearing flip-flops and short sleeves, but I’ll pretend I’m out on my own farm and have traded… Read more →