Doll House Dresser For A Friend

doll_house_dresserJust wanted to share pictures of a dresser that was made to give away to an on-line friend.

Yes, the little matchbox drawers may be a bit wobbly, but so is Pooh’s spelling.

This dresser has tiny little batchboxes with tiny little drawer pulls.

I think everyone needs miniature, homemade doll house furniture.


Playing Dolls Together ~ Her Way

Yesterday my daughter and I had a nice time playing dolls again. Of course I am trying to interject my thoughts as we play, but I do let her take the lead with her imagination. It gives me a lot of insight as to what she is thinking these days.

She made a very fine horse corral out of some wooden blocks she got for Christmas. “Mom and Dad” are relaxing in the back of the truck. Out beyond the horses, the son and the daughter are playing on the tinkertoy swingset. 🙂

My daughter told me of a game she had invented with the dolls that was “really, really fun.” It involved a haunted car and the doll family trying to hide in the back of the car or under the dashboard while the car drove around crazily. This is the haunted car:

haunted_car horse_corral tinker_toy_swingset

I know it doesn’t look so scary now, but boy you should just see it in the hands of my daughter. It would scare you to think about not falling out!

We had to get on her bed, on our backs, and hold the car up over our heads. She told me to take control of the car, so I did some crazy yelling and shook the car and the whole doll family fell out around her forehead. (I am glad they did not hit her face. Mom was not thinking too far ahead.)

My daughter started laughing. And laughing. She laughed until she had tears in her eyes — a firsttime thing for her, and she pointed that out to me. I was laughing too, mostly at her. It was such a nice bonding time before I went to work.

I could tell she had continued to play dolls by herself when I got home last night.


Doll House Accessories From Homemade Clay

homemade_clay_1 homemade_clay_2 homemade_clay_3 homemade_clay_4 hpim6138My daughter and I made some clay tonight so that we could make doll accessories for her doll house.

First you put in 2 cups of plain flour. Feel free to get the flour on your hands!

Then you add 1/2 a cup of salt.

Next, you add 3/4 cup of water…

…and mix.

This will make a very thick, sturdy clay that you can mold into small accessories for your doll house. We used toothpicks for modeling tools. At one point our clay got so dry that it was hard to make the items we wanted without the dough cracking. We each wet our hands, slung the extra water off, and worked the clay with our damp hands. This helped a great deal.

We have a set of canisters, a mantle clock, a round tray, a container with a lid, a candlestick holder, a box that we’ll surely find a use for, and what will be a bag of flour for the kitchen.

Place the items on a baking tray and bake at 350 degrees until the clay is hard. Test carefully, supervise children, don’t get burned. Small pieces will burn quickly, so watch closely. Some thicker pieces may take up to half an hour or so.

Tomorrow we will paint the pieces with acrylic gesso, let dry, and then decorate with acrylic paints.

I’ll show you what we end up with!


PS – This is how they ended up! I’ll be honest, some cracked and were not usable. Make sure your mix is moist enough. It was still worth it to end up with even the doll house mantle clock. We love it and use it all the time. Sculpey works wonders too, but if you’re aiming for frugal this may be a better choice.