Clothes for Entertainers

One of the things I love about having my particular retail shop is meeting local performers (and some from as far away as New York!) who come in looking for clothes. Vintage is so popular.  Some customer simply wander in because of my VINTAGE sign.  I also have quite a few regulars who enjoy visiting and looking for treasures.

I love looking for things that are stage worthy, theatre ready, and unusual!  I truly have fun with clothes from the shop! People always ask, “Where did you get that?!” I love sharing that I shop for such things and pull them into Sidetracked for my customers.  They are welcomed to visit Sidetracked!  I love visiting with the customers!

Silky blue and white fringed shawl.
White Forest Black Dress

The lace pattern tights were originally a Christmas gift from my dear Jason! He knows I love clothes. Once I fell in love with them (and had 100 different people ask where I got them), I ordered some for the shop. I have put a link below where you can order them, or at least see them. They may look delicate, but they are sturdy (handled with care, of course). I have gotten two years from my first pair so far!  (Note the link below is my Amazon affiliate link.)

Lace Pattern Tights

This is a vintage lace dress that I came across recently. I did NOT purchase this, simply because the waist and sleeves looked too tight for anyone other than a stick. I don’t have time to alter it.
Oh, I nearly bought it, but that pleated waist and narrowing sleeves. Just look at the little glassy buttons!! Love!
Our potted sage has been getting lots of rain.
Do you like the sepia or the silvery edit?

Enjoy this day!

12 thoughts on “Clothes for Entertainers”

  1. Hi Lynn, we just don’t see to have much vintage clothing in our area. I drool when I see the items you have in your store!
    Your tights are lovely. I like the photo of you in the silvery edit.
    Have a good day!

    1. Hi, Robin! Thank you! I wish you could see the shop in person! It is such a happy place! I hope you are having a Happy Wednesday! xo Lynn ps – thanks for the note on the edit.

  2. This is good Lynn! I like the silvery best too. It amazes me how you find so many beautiful and unusual things. No wonder people enjoy your shop so much. I love you!! Mom

    1. Thank you, Mama! (My sweet Mama knew I was worried about posting a picture in this outfit!) I do love finding things like this!! Love you to the moon and back! ~your girl

  3. I think I like the silvery edits. But it is hard to choose.

    You certainly look amazing, in all the shots!!!

    Makes you wonder, for whom that lovely/tiny dress was made? Perhaps it is “destined” to be, a decoration, somewhere…. now…?

    1. Hi, Luna! Thank you so much. Of course, I do not dress like this all the time, but I do love clothes. Both of my grandmothers loved clothes. I guess “I come by it honest,” as they say. Thanks for the comment about the edit. I think I like the silver too! xo Lynn ps — I love buying beautiful things to just display for decoration!

    1. No, actually I closed my retail shop and I don’t have any clothes for sale at all anymore. I did have a lot of requests for men’s clothing though, and I had a lot of female customers.

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