Coffee’d Up With a New Starbucks Mug

I rarely splurge on things like this:  expensive coffee mugs.  But I am a coffee lover and I am frequently on the road.  And I think I might just start collecting Starbucks coffee mugs. 😉

I debated over this one.  I really did.  Should I buy it?  I ended up telling myself no and walking away from it.  But then I could not quit thinking about it.  I love the colors and the vibe of it.  It’s me.  Are these colors I would wear?  No!  I look like I have jaundice if I wear green like this.  But I love the gothic feel, the toxic color green, as if to say coffee is my poison.  And yet coffee in moderation is a very good thing for me.  It is the one “sweet” I allow myself these days: coffee with coconut sugar and half and half.  Unless I stop by SB, and then it is a white chocolate mocha, large, with four pumps instead of five.  Oh dear.  (Thanks a lot, Andee.  Just kidding.)

Amazon has a nice selection of SB coffee mugs. They actually have one that I really wanted back at Christmastime and said no to.  I am good at saying no to items I don’t need, but the adage “if you cannot forget about it, go back and get it” may apply here.  Plus, Jason encouraged me.

This lovely siren with a gold crown!  She called out to me, too.  So artsy.  So sweet.  I may end up getting her yet.

SB rewards in the form of gift cards is something I can earn through work, so I need to cash in soon and buy the mug I want! Tell me. Do you like Starbucks? Some folks don’t! At all. I know that it is just not good-tasting coffee to some. I happen to like it. Do you ever splurge on something like this to treat yourself? Do you collect anything?

(Note that some of these images are connected to my Amazon affiliate account, but I like Amazon, and I hope you do too!)

Enjoy this day!


18 thoughts on “Coffee’d Up With a New Starbucks Mug”

  1. I like your photo effects. I think you could have been the model for that mug! I think they are a good thing to collect. My (new to me) smaller town here is going to get a Starbuck soon!! If I didn’t drink coffee I’d be eating more candy…so it is good for me too. xo xo andrea

    1. Andrea, me too — about the candy! I think coffee keeps me from other things. Jason said I could be the model on the mug too! He’s fun that way! xo Lynn

  2. Okay, Andee and Lynn. I’m feeling left out right now. I guess you two want to get together and discuss my FitBit! Let me know which Starbucks. I’ll be there! 🙂 I love your coffee mug too, Lynn. Love you Lynn, you too Andee.

    1. Mama, you and Nay-Nay are hilarious! Yes, let’s all meet somewhere, and soon!! I love you both to pieces!! Lynn (the oldest and bossiest child)

  3. Hi Lynn, love your new coffee mugs, very pretty. I am not a coffee drinker, only tea. Books are my thing but I mostly always purchase them at thrift stores.
    Have a good week!

    1. Hi, Robin! Thank you. Another tea-only drinker! I am on an accidental tea holiday currently! I need to balance it a bit, I guess. Have a great weekend! xo Lynn

    1. Marqueta, ha ha. Took it a minute to hit me — your wording. 🙂 I hope you have a beautiful, rewarding spring as well! Love, Lynn

  4. I’m not a coffee drinker, so I can’t honestly say whether I like SB or not. 🙂 Now tea…that is totally different. And, yes, I do treat myself to something special when I’ve met a goal or such. Right now it is supplies for my soap making. 🙂

    1. Hi, Dianna! I used to drink a lot more tea than I do now, but then again I had my garden with fresh herbs and mints, and I used that a lot! It is probably much healthier to leave the coffee alone and stick to tea! I loved seeing your soaps! xx Lynn

    1. Hi, Kathy! Yes, I was just recently noticing the round-the-world mugs. I think the next one I want is San Antonio! Might have to order that one with my gift card! xoxo Lynn

  5. I saw a huge Wonder Woman (the original!) mug at Walmart recently and used all of my superhero powers to say no. Since we are full time nomads now, there really isn’t a lot of extra space for a lot of extra things – and I already have a Starbucks Canada mug that’s along for the ride 🙂 Also, I’m drinking Trader Joe’s vanilla cold brew as I type, which contains enough caffeine that I should be flying around the ceiling in a few minutes 😉

    1. Hilary, I thought I answered you. In fact, I really am nearly sure I did, but my response is not here! Oh dear. I love that you shared that about your mug! 🙂 Well, it was almost your mug. Good you were content with your Starbucks Canada mug. I think I am going to get the Starbucks San Antonio mug soon! xoxo Lynn

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