Cold Toes, Warm Heart

Brrrrrrrrr. We woke up to 20-something degrees. Ugh. I do not like it this cold! No. I am not going to pretend like I do. Now, I love tights and sweaters and such, but peeps. The caboose gets SO COLD in this. My toes have been talking to me all day! “I’m cold!” But take a small wooden structure set up off the ground, consider there is no insulation, and there you go. I am okay, though. I bought a small space heater for my feet and the window heating/air unit works quickly to knock the chill off.

Additionally, I have my leather Steve Maddens and some pale pink wool hunting socks.

Clothed in layers.

Altered lace T over thermal gray over white lace cami.

Yesterday I was actually out spray painting the metal bed frame that I found last week.

Thinking this thing will really show her best personality come spring. Be still my heart. There will be flowers.

Very large handmade grape vine wreath hangs on the platform at one end of the caboose. I love to look out over the tin roof next door. Do you know there are kitty cats that get up there and walk around? (Part of the Meowfia!)

Finally, today’s scanned photo is this great shot of a lady standing in front of a couple of old cars. What year would you guess? 1920s or 1930s?

Okay. Break’s over for now.

Enjoy this day!


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13 thoughts on “Cold Toes, Warm Heart”

  1. Hey Lynn! I love all your pictures! Hope you can get pictures of the kitties on the tin roof some day. That little pink metal bed frame is so pretty. Keep warm today! Love you, Mom

  2. Wow, what a dress! I bet you would love to find one of those in a thrift store, although possibly in a smaller size.

    The cars are great as well.

    I love old photos and always wonder what the occasion for the picture taking was?

  3. Hi Lynn, Visiting you from Henny Penny today. Your little caboose is so cute! Love that lace T your wearing and the bed frame. I have some grapevine wreaths and love to see them plain like yours with no decorations! Have a good night. Nancy

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