Compost: pile up yard debris for garden composting

Dear peeps,

I have been playing outside again and having so much fun! I love having a compost pile in the yard to make rich black soil for gardening with. On the edge of Jason’s property was a tree that had been cut. It was one of those things that was right on the property line, but new neighbors and a new fence had the cut tree and huge tree logs ending up on Jason’s side of things.

One of my hobbies now is turning his woods into “Lynnwoods,” a magical walk through the trees, so I rolled the logs and stood them in a semicircle. I am coming up with a composting scheme that I will share as I work it out.

This picture was taken after the woods were getting dark, so I will plan to take a better photo tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “Compost: pile up yard debris for garden composting”

  1. Hi Lynn…love your cats adventures..ha…Neat picture of the woods in as it is getting dark! It will be nice to see your new woods develop. Love your painting too. Andrea

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