Don’t we all want to be beautiful and pure, even after the damage that we have sustained in life? On a little walk through the backyard I saw this butterfly. Tattered wings but high in the trees, enjoying the flowers.

Enjoy this day.

7 thoughts on “Damage”

  1. Beautiful photo and thought! I’m going to be doing some personal damage control that I’ve been spewing out for a week, maybe longer! Enjoy the day, it’s a new chapter in the book of life! You’re beautiful!

  2. hi lynn!
    it’s me……commenting so infrequently these days. life here is good but full. my oldest is done with homeschooling and will be graduating this coming saturday!! and i turn 50 two days later 🙂
    still enjoy reading your updates. even subscribed to your youtube channel! i often listen/watch them as i’m preparing something in the kitchen. your voice is so pleasant and calming and i love the attention to detail you give everything you put in your beautiful etsy shop.
    congrats on your engagement and all the wonderful things going on with you these days 🙂
    love & friendship, connie XO

  3. Tammy, yes, tatters and all! I like that!

    Betty, you and me both!!! Thanks for your friendship!

    Connie how can it be that we are 50 and the kids are graduating and grown and on and on!! Sigh. It is so good to hear from you!!! Thank you so much!

    And Terry I hope today is a wonderful day for you! Thank you for telling me.

  4. How did I miss your YouTube channel? You KNOW I would be all about that!
    Please share info again, as obviously, I somehow missed it!


    1. Hi Jen!! So good to hear from you! I am on YouTube as ABitofBirdsong if you search for it all together as one word, but I will put a new post and link to my channel! xxLynn

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