Doll House Bookshelf

Bless their little hearts, my dolls are such book lovers! I knew I needed to find a way to make them a bookshelf for their doll house. When my husband tossed this into the trash can…

my mind raced to the doll house. This is the perfect size — tall and narrow — for making a bookshelf. I retrieved it and put it on my craft desk.

I cut it down to the size I wanted, making the depth and height the perfect size for our dolls and their doll house books. Some of the left-over pieces of the box were used to make shelves which were hot-glued into place.

I then used Mod-Podge to put into place some heavy pieces of scrap book paper, making a sort of veneer on the doll house bookshelf. One large piece, perfectly cut, slid in perfectly behind the shelves, on top of a layer of Mod-Podge, so that made the inside back of the doll house bookshelf.To smooth the edges and give the doll house bookshelf more design I Mod-Podged little pieces of tissue paper around the edges.

I then started putting books in. Ooohh the little dolls had goosebumps when they heard about their new bookshelf!

See anything that appeals to you?

I think we would agree, this is the best corner of the doll house.

7 thoughts on “Doll House Bookshelf”

  1. Lynn!!!!! Holy cats you are hilarious! Thanks for the laugh! (The dolls had goosebumps!!!!)

    Oh thank you for sharing. You really are inspiring. My daughter and I are sooooo going to do this. We need to clean her room first. Maybe the motivation of the dollhouse along with the motivation of the cello will be enough! (she wants cello lessons!)

    blessings and we don’t tire of your dollhouse posts OR your great sense of humor. Honey, this little blog of yours could honestly be published. Seriously. Look into it.

  2. Lynn! You are so creative! How do you manage with all this creativity?! You are truly enjoying life with you daughter. We will be making a shelf and books today for our dolls!

  3. Hi Lynn, I'm doing a post about mini books on my blog and I would like to include a photo from this post, linking back to your post – could you get in touch to let me know what you feel about this (either way)? Thanks zoe dot toft at kuvik dot net

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