A Doll House Clock

Time flies. This adorable little thing I found for our doll house for 25 cents! And it reminds us of just how fast time flies!

This little item is supposed to be a Christmas ornament, but it makes a perfect doll house accessory. My daughter and I put this in the doll’s kitchen (attached with some sticky tack like is used to hang posters). It gave us a chance to talk about how quickly time passes. She nodded as she played. I shared the thought that because time passes so quickly we need to be extra careful how we spend it.

Another little topic that came up was having enough blankets in the house. I said Oh, we need more blankets! We talked about having a blanket chest and plenty of blankets, in case you have company. I know that’s certainly the case in real life. Now I suppose we need to sew some little quilts and put them in a shelf. I’ll be on the lookout for a makeshift shelf.


2 thoughts on “A Doll House Clock”

  1. I have no children of my own (I've been totally married to my job of teaching high school English for over thirty years), and my nieces have never liked dolls. 🙁

    However, I have recently become unemployed, and I am working with my cousins' daughters who LOVE barbies. We've been making homemade doll houses and have been having so much fun! Even Michael, one cousin's son, has gotten into the act. We've been making a hunting lodge for his GI Joe!

    My niece and I are making a pet shop for her small toy animals. She says that she wants to have a pet shop when she grows up called "Cora's Country Critter Care." So we are making a small version of it now. LOL. I am having the time of my life.


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